Saturday, September 13, 2014

At Your Best

So, here lately I'm into making baby headbands. :-)  I really like that they take very little fabric, because I've got a lot of scraps. 

Here's a reversible one that's in the works.

 It just needs elastic and to be sewn together.  

Naturally I'm now wanting to design and make  a line of items for babies.  These will definitely be a part of it.  

Speaking of baby stuff, I saw an episode of Project Runway (a show I never saw until recently). and the challenge was for the designers to make an outfit for a baby about one year in age.  (I believe it was an episode from last year.)  It really inspired me to create a baby collection.  I think one of the first things I'll make is a pair of patchwork bloomers.  Patchworking is one of my favorite processes.


So, my lil boopy will be 7 weeks on Tuesday, and she seems so much older.  She's very active and alert.  Also, she definitely knows what she doesn't want and don't want or like and don't like!  

Yesterday she had her first experience with the computer when I showed her a video of her namesake, Wangari Maathai, speaking.  

It's a nice animated video, and she was thoroughly engaged. 

Even though she's very young, I make it a point to do educational and inspirational stuff with her each day.  We read, look at pictures in books and magazines, count, call out parts of the body, name the various machines in the house that make loud sounds when they're being operated  (juicer, blender, etc.), say ABCs, sing, talk (she can't form words yet, but the child can talk!), and whatever else I can think of. Fortunately she is very attentive and really enjoys it. We gave such a great time together!

Here's the video we're watching in the image above:

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend. ~

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