Sunday, March 9, 2014

End of Sale and Julie!

Happy Sunday!

Today is the 9th of March, which means the 20% off sale happening right now in the Etsy shop is nearly over!  The code for savings--WKND3--will be good for use throughout the day and up until midnight here in Hawaii (which is generally behind many other time zones). Don't miss out!

I've got new fabric on the way and look forward to creating dresses for summer and spring. There's even been the thought of a new collection name for this forthcoming collection.  More on that later.


Yesterday I was back at the Kapi'olani Farmers Market  and this time had the opportunity to meet up with Julie and her family.  Julie and I have been connected online for several years now, and she's consistently supported my work since the early days of my label(s). It's so amazing to 1.) be in Hawaii where she's lived the entire time we've been in communication and 2.) finally be able to meet and greet such a giving individual who believes in what I do!

Here we are at the market yesterday.

And here she is along with her daughter wearing some flyTie Clothing originals! :-D

Thanks so much, Julie, for your continued support and acknowledgement of my work.  Also, thanks for everything else you've done to show your appreciation for what I do, from sending me *the best* Hawaiian care package to sharing information about local boutiques to hooking me up with Art Explorium so I can teach art to young people! You are a gem. :-) 

Wishing everyone a lovely day, and don't forget about the sale!

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