Friday, March 7, 2014

20% Off Sale and Dye Setting in the Ocean

Happy Friday!

Just a quick update to announce the 20% off sale happening now through Sunday, March 9, in my Etsy shop!

Enter code WKND3 at checkout, and save 20% on your total purchase--sale items included.

Here are some examples of the type of savings being offered.

100% cotton Kente Print Dresses
Medium/Large, A or B Cup
Regular Price: $58 each
Sale Price: $46.40 each

Mustard Yellow Maxi Dress with Kente Detail
Sale Price: $55.50
Additional 20% Off: $44.40

Gray Asymmetrical Hem Maxi Dress
Sale Price: $43.50
Additional 20% off:  $34.80 (!!!)

Heather Gray Aline Kente Skirt
Regular Price: $68
Sale Price:  $54.40

That's just a sample.  Visit the shop for more styles!


Yesterday I went down to the ocean and experimented with setting hand-dyed fabric using salt water.

I really enjoyed it and also found out that this little pool of water--set off from the rest of the ocean somewhat--is a nice little area to swim/wade in the water without the worry of big, intimidating waves carrying me out to sea!  You can read more about the whole dye setting technique in this Facebook post:

Have a great weekend!

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