Friday, February 28, 2014


Happy Friday!

Here are a few happenings from the week. Follow my Facebook page for almost daily updates.

I completed a custom order (left) for a ruched skirt that'll be worn for Mardi Gras next week. (It can be worn unruched as well.)  Then, I compared the picture I took of it to one of my favorites of singer Vivian Green. It's the first thing that came to mind when I saw how my picture turned out. :)

Wednesday I wore one of the hand-dyed tunics made last month. This is a sample, and the style will soon be offered for custom order.

I also finished and shipped two custom pieces. The listing for the Kente dress can be found here.

Yesterday I made one last flyer to help promote The New Handmade Collective's Black History Month Pinterest board. There's still time to follow and repin your favorite creations from the board at

That's about all! I'm looking forward to visiting that local fabric store mention in my last update. Hopefully I can make it over there by Sunday.

Have a great weekend!


Cut2Clothe said...

I really like that skirt and the album is one of my favorites for sure.

In other news: So you have up and moved to Hawaii. Love that. I look forward to seeing pics around the big island. Enjoy your journey, it's looking absolutely beautiful from over here.

fly Tie said...

hey! thanks!

and yep, got here four months ago. i'm on o'ahu but would love to be on kauai. never been but from what i can tell it's my kind of place. :)