Sunday, February 23, 2014

25% Off Kente Clothing and A Fabric Store...In Hawaii!!!

Happy Sunday! 

I'm pretty low key today. My intention was to rephotograph a couple of dresses that I just marked down, but when I went to iron one of them for the new photographs and drips of water from the iron got on it, I gave up. Yeah. So now it's hanging to dry and I'm blogging.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to share that some African print garments are currently 25% off in my Etsy shop!

Each of these is absolutely one-of-a-kind and ready to be shipped.  The 25% discount has already been marked, however if you're interested in saving an additional 10% on your total order, just enter code LOVE8 at checkout.  That code can be used at any time on any purchase in the shop.  To view the listings for all of these sale items, visit the S A L E section at .


So, I've been in Hawaii for about four months and had all but given up on finding a decent fabric store here.  Living in Louisiana I was used to being able to just hop up and go to stores like Joann Fabrics and Crafts or Hancock Fabrics when I needed a fabric fix.  Well, upon arriving here I learned quickly that neither of these stores has a location on the island.  There isn't even a Hobby Lobby. I found one store in Honolulu that carries fabric but not much of anything that I'd be looking for.  I had basically come to the conclusion that most of my fabric shopping would take place online from here on out. That's perfectly fine, since most of the printed fabrics I use would be obtained that way anyhow.  Yet, I was kinda sad that I'd have to order the most basic of fabrics from way across the water.

That was until yesterday.

A lady who I befriended here a couple months ago informed me of a place in Honolulu called June Fabrics.  Something strange is going on with their website, but after doing a search, I came across some pictures of the store such as this one:

My first thought was, "Wait. Where have I been and why didn't I know??"   It looks like they carry a lot of home decor fabrics, but surely I'll be able to get in there and finding something that I can use. You can believe that I'll be making my way over there asap!

All those pretty colors are giving me ideas for some bright, Hawaiian style sun dresses. Yes! :)

Have a beautiful day.~~~

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