Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kapi'olani Community College Farmers' Market

Yesterday I had the most exciting time at the Kapi'olani Community College Farmers' Market here in Hawaii! I always enjoy going to markets, but I'm sure this was the most thrilling one that I've attended in a while.  There was so much to see/eat/buy/sample.  It was great!

For the record, while there I ate corn on the cob right out of the husk, Thai veggie spring rolls in rice wraps, fresh olive bread, asian donuts, and coconut water. Mmmmmm….

Here are some shots. 

Coconut Man!  

Take the coconut back after you've drank all the water from inside, and he'll remove the meat so you can take it home and make milk and other goodies. (Note: coconut pulp is really good in homemade cookies.)

Soul Food Aloha Style. I'm sure the brother was hooking it up quite nicely.  

People enjoying the scene. If I remember correctly, the bottom right picture is of folks lined up the get fried green tomatoes. That's only a fourth of the line.  Next time I'll be in it, because even having grown up in the south, I don't think I've ever had this dish (which is supposed to be southern, right???) 

The KCC Culinary students had a nice spread. 

Chocolate straight from the island.  

Nutmeg fruit! I don't think I'd ever seen the actual fruit before. 

The landscaping at this college is some of the best I've seen anywhere.  The images below don't really do them justice, as there were lovely gardens all over the place and so many varieties of Aloe Vera, one of my favorite plants.  It's so tranquil up there. I spent part of the time walking through the market, sampling/buying food and the other part walking through the campus being in awe of the hundreds and hundreds of plants.  Here are just a few.

I'm not sure what was up with the goofy face, but here I am in front of Blue Agave plants! I'm a big fan of using agave as a sweetener.

Check out these cactus trees (my term for them)! What in THE world!?!?!

I love it!

Yeah, if you're unable to tell from my overuse of exclamation marks, I had a really good time yesterday.  This is a market I've been wanting to attend since being here and am pleased to have finally made it. They did not disappoint.  

Oh! I didn't get a shot of it, but this campus/market is right across the street from the famous Diamond Head Crater.

(Borrowed image)

So amazing.~~~

If you're ever on the island, definitely don't miss out on the KCC Farmers' Market. I'm positive you'll love it. :) 

That's all for now.
Happy Sunday!


Julie said...

KCC Farmers Market is the best! The campus is right up the street from my house. :) Let's meet up there one weekend!

fly Tie said...

yes! it's wonderful, and that sounds great. :) i plan to be back at least by the first weekend in march. i'll keep you posted...