Friday, January 3, 2014

Turmeric, Muslin, and Project Runway

Over a month ago I purchased several yards of muslin fabric with the intention of getting into fabric dyeing with natural products--something I've though about doing for years. Yesterday I finally made it happen!  

The pieces of cotton fabric below were dyed using turmeric powder.  

This one's my favorite!

I got so much joy out of doing this and am really pleased with the results.  Next I intend to try the same process with tea in order to achieve various colors that way.  

If you're interested in trying this process, there are various websites that offer tips on dyeing with turmeric. 


Last night after dyeing muslin, I wasn't up to much of anything.  Since I had access to cable, I decided to watch Project Runway--for probably only the fourth time in my life.

People usually mention this show to me assuming that I watch regularly and/or that I'm a fan.  Actually, it's not a program that I'm necessarily attracted to, and last night I had an epiphany as to why that might be.

I've been in a position where my own design work was scrutinized and criticized, usually in a context that was unnecessarily rude.  I wasn't a fan of it  throughout the four years that I studied design, so it's not easy for me to see people's design work subjected to similar scrutiny.  

Understanding the concept behind a program like Project Runway, I do realize that the critique/elimination/process is essential to the show's advancement. Further, I'm not opposed to my own work being (constructively) criticized, knowing that sometimes it's essential to growth.  Apparently though, this just isn't the type of television programming that I'm naturally attracted to due to past experiences. (Yeah, maybe I'm just bitter.) However, I can definitely appreciate with work of the designers that Project Runway highlights.

Ok. I've got some sewing to do and a paper craft project to finish up.  

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


t.allen-cotto said...

I think the kind of perfection paralysis that stems from Project Runway and ANTM and other competitive reality shows of that ilk are detrimental to artists, you know we are, "sensitive about our […]" um…y'know. That, and I'm always thrilled to see someone jump out of the virtual art window and hit us with something that no one has dared to put out there. I guess few ideas are original any more, but I bet there's a heap of magic in someone's "they're all gonna laugh at me" pile. :( So happy to see you trying new techniques and still honing your craft. All the best in the new year. BIG love, xx.

fly Tie said...

thank you! and yes, i find what you say to be right on point. it's so tragic when a person's creativity is stifled just because others can't or don't want to relate to what's being put out there. why everyone should be expected to fit into whatever the standard and most acceptable form of anything is far beyond my comprehension.

that badu quote *stays* in my head! :)