Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Skirt and Ebay Auction

So this skirt is finally done!  It originally had pockets, but I decided to remove them yesterday due to issues with the side seams hanging correctly given the fabric used. 

I'm really pleased with how the patchwork turned out on this one.  If you recall from  a previous post, I started out playing around with much wider strips.  None of the arrangements were appealing to me, though. 

It took a while, but soon I realized that was because the thick pieces were just too much.  They ended up being trimmed down pretty significantly. 

 The brightly colored Kente print is really nice. All of the pieces are top zig zag stitched with black thread.

I like! :)

This one hasn't been uploaded to Etsy yet, but it will be soon!


Check out this new video I created earlier today!

I'm auctioning off several flyTie Clothing pieces on Ebay.  Bidding ends Thursday, so get on it now!

Happy Tuesday!


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