Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's All A Process

Yesterday I began working on a new skirt utilizing my beloved patchwork process.  Over the weekend I spotted two fabrics in my stash (both scrap pieces) that I decided I wanted to combine to create a new garment. After digging a little deeper I came across two more rugged fabric pieces that could also be used towards this new endeavor.

Eventually I ended up with five fabrics that I might use, and I could possibly add a couple more.  

Then, after getting the basic skirt shape cut out, I started playing around with the layout of the accent pieces.

(Notice the addition of the red.)

I'm still working on it and can tell you that at this point I've cut the Kente print into square pieces in order to create a different effect.  We'll see how that works out. 

This is my process though.  Usually the positioning and re-positioning lasts over a course of several hours until I achieve an arrangement that I'm not only pleased with but one that I can also feel. Art really is about the feeling--for artist and admirer.  

I intend to have this garment done by the weekend and hopefully uploaded to Etsy.   For now, I'm back at it...

Happy Thursday!~~

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