Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Path

As previously mentioned on Facebook, I intend to hold a style show sometime either this spring or summer.  I was hoping to hold it downtown around a waterfall that's part of a popular park.

Every time I've visited or passed this spot for the past few years, I've visualized my show: the garments, the models, the set-up for the changing tent, the music, the people, etc.  It's all so vivid in my mind.

While I still hold the vision and have no doubt that the show would proceed wonderfully, I've reassessed the location for the show after finding out what it would take for me to even use the park.  Aside from a monetary cost that I'm not prepared to pay, apparently use of the location for an event is only open to non-profits or those who are holding an event in partnership with a non-profit (???).  There are ways that I could get around or comply with that stipulation, but again, there's also the matter of the price.  Not only am I not prepared to pay it, I think it's unreasonable.  


One Sunday morning in January I was awakened suddenly by that inner voice telling me to get up and go walk to a park that's near my residence.  I complied, and when I got to the park, instinct guided me along a particular path.  As I was going along that path, I looked at what I was approaching up ahead, and it hit me.

(Pictures were taken yesterday.)

This is where I can have my show!

Now I've been coming to this park for nearly 12 years--since I've been in this city-- even before I lived in walking distance of it. I've seen and passed this stage numerous times, but it wasn't until that morning I went walking over there last month that the idea for a style show came up.  I like everything about its positioning: how you can see the *waterfall* in the background (see how things work out? I'm still gonna get my waterfall!), how there's plenty of space for people to sit and watch, the hill/slope that sits in front of it (which is where I was standing to take the first picture), the fact that it is in fact a stage, the fact that it's a popular park and people are always there (they can watch the show!), all the trees & greenery & ducks, the pond, etc., etc., etc.!  

Oh! And, the fact that the cost to use it is very affordable. 

This is it, and I'm so grateful to have had this pointed out to me the way it was.  

So now I've got to plan. I believe I'll start with organizing some models, as this is usually the task that causes the most problems. People can be so shy!

But, it's going dooooown!!

Also, if you haven't done so already, check out my YouTube channel where you'll find a couple videos from a show I did in 2007.



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A Cuban In London said...

Hi there! Thanks for your visit the other day. Nice to see that you're still going strong.

Greetings from London.

Tiffany Gholar said...

That looks like a great setting for an outdoor fashion show! It reminds me of a show I went to last summer in Millennium Park in Chicago. Here are some pictures:

I wish you great success. :)

flytie said...

thanks for sharing those pics, tiffany. *very inspirational*

@ cuban--my pleasure. :-) yours is one of the best blogs on the net.