Friday, February 8, 2013


Mardi Gras festivities are in full swing, and I can hear the ruckus ..errrr fun....from my house. Parades and such. There must be a car show going on, too, because I keep hearing speakers and bass.  
I may just go walk up there tomorrow and see what's what . Seeing as how I'm generally a homebody, I could stand to do a little more socialization. 

Turns out it's pretty good for business, ha!

Speaking of that, *business* is the motive for this "out of character" blog update! I'd been making an effort--and mostly keeping it--to update once a week on Sunday.  But considering the awesome SALE I'm having in my Etsy Shop for the entire month of February, I figured now is the perfect time to fill those of you who don't know in on what a gwan. 

Now through the very last day of the month, I'm having a 20% off sale on *everything* in the shop

This includes sale items...

regularly priced items...

*and* made-to-order items...

All you have to do in order to save is enter coupon code FEB20 at checkout.
This sale is taking place aaaaaall month long, as I work on numerous custom pieces and make new dresses and such for spring!


Please do check it out, and support handmade!



Anonymous said...

You know I haven't forgotten about you :)!
Your stuff is super mazing :)!!!
A strong hug...

fly Tie said...

hey there!!! :-)thanks for stopping by.

i appreciate the kind words!