Sunday, December 2, 2012

Me n Mingz

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be a personal stylist.  I've always enjoyed putting looks together, whether it be related to clothing and dress, home decor, coordination of elements in visual arts, organization of plants in gardening, whatever. 

The other day Mingz, creative designer behind Mingz Eclectic Creations (one of my favorite jewelry lines!), made a comment on facebook about how a pair of her originally designed earrings would work well with a particular dress design of mine. My immediate reaction was to contact her in order to get permission to use some of her images in photo collages with images of my garments to create styles or looks that provide for pleasing aesthetics, as well as to promote both of our works!
I had much fun creating these!
(Click to view larger)

Mingz created some as well!

Be sure to visit Mingz on etsy at  I'm really attracted to her work and relate to her artistic style.  Here I am earlier this year styling my Eclectic Creations wood bead earrings as well as showing off some of her original artwork that I have displayed over my stove.
Love, love, love it!
Above in one of the collages you see images of a flyTie Clothing classic design, the Reversible Hoodie Dress.  This style dates back to 2008.  Around that time I had made a few "regular" hoodie dresses. Then one day a band leader and potential customer from Canada contacted me asking if I could make a reversible version in hot pink and black.  I hadn't thought about that, but seeing it as a challenge--and despite the fact that I'd never made anything reversible up to that point--I decided that I could. And I did!
The original reversible hoodie dress (pink at top left and black at center) pictured here with other versions.
Being a researcher and investigator by nature, figuring out how to do this was right up my alley! It was fun, and I'm so pleased with this style.  There's a significant amount of hand-sewing that goes into this piece, and until I put the time towards determining how to get it looking how I want by sewing the whole piece by machine, I'll keep right on doing some of it by hand.  That special, loving touch! :-D
I'm forever grateful to the person who inspired this creation!
The reversible hoodie dress is now available on etsy for custom order in a range of colors and at a very reasonable rate.  This dress is so soft, comfortable and warm, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a must have for cold weather. a definite staple piece. Check it out!

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