Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So, I will now be doing vlogs! Here's my first one...just a supposedly brief tour of my work space.

Once you do a vlog you don't have to say much else, huh? I enjoy writing, though, so vlogging will definitely not be taking the place of my regular blog posts!
Now. Off to situate myself somewhere before the bad weather rolls in.
Check out artists featured in this  video:
Thanks for watching!


Patricia Heath said...

Love it!
I always need a minute to worship the eyebrows.
After that, I really loved looking at your space, and especially hearing about the people that have inspired you, and peeking at what you are working on!

Tiesha Houston said...

thanks, patricia! the eyebrows are extra bushy these days, because i'm growing one back from a little mishap on my part a few weeks ago! soon as they get nice & thick i'll get someone to shape them for me the way i want. (it as actually my cousine who i mention in the video who used to shape them for me perfectly!)

glad you enjoyed the video! :-D