Monday, November 28, 2011

Simple Things

I'm so thankful that lately I've been very motivated to design/sew/create!

2 new dresses.

Now, this first one isn't a flyTie original. It was actually made from a store-bought pattern (McCalls). I had the pattern for *months* and finally went ahead and made it. I couldn't find and link to any of the many posts I've mentioned my aversion to commercial patterns in, so let me just restate: I AM NOT FOND OF STORE-BOUGHT PATTERNS!! I find them (well *many* of them) to be too tedious and overly complicated. Sometimes I think it's just me, but other times I know it's not. The 3-4 that I've sewn from this year each had at least 2 mistakes in the instructions.

The pattern for this dress was no different.

size 12-14

I must have spent 2 hours just reading one sentence repeatedly trying to understand what in the world it was telling me to do. The illustration didn't help at all. Matter of fact, when I eventually figured out what needed to be done, I realized that the illustration was WRONG!! *slaps self on forehead*. Good thing I really had my mind set on making this style that I like so much, otherwise I would have abandoned the project and burned the pattern!

And I am pleased with how it turned out! :-)


size 16

This one's made of a neat little stretchy fabric that grew on me the more I looked at it. These days I'm into funky hemlines, so I curved this one. Square neckline, contrast band...I like! This one's for the more curvaceous ladies. ;-)

Going soon to Etsy!


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Soul Pretty said...

yep...that sounds about right...those patterns are evil...but the dress is it