Saturday, November 12, 2011

Right Here. Right Now.

I came across this fun, lightweight mesh, spring/summer fabric and was anxious to make something out of it. It's out of context with the current weather that most of the US is experiencing, but's hot somewhere in the world! (And while it's currently around 50 degrees where I am, it can jump to 80 at any moment!)

Also, I hardly ever make garments/lines a season ahead as I suppose is customary in the fashion industry. I normally make garments that reflect the temperatures where I am during the time that I'm creating. Summer clothes during Summertime. Winter clothes during Wintertime, so on and so forth. With this one, though, I'm somewhat in the loop for a change.


I've been on a roll lately making my Power Tees. I'm looking forward to doing some vending this holiday season, so I need to increase my inventory greatly!

Each of these is currently available in my Etsy shop!

Just a song I jam hard to every time I hear it.



Anonymous said...

A nice dress...definitely something that makes you wish summer would be here.
The T-shirts are to die for and the boys from The Script ar too cute =).

Harvest Girl ~ said...

love that dress! and i just adore those power tee'z~