Saturday, June 4, 2011


*slides right back in as though she's been blogging all along.* :-)

Recently, in need of inspiration and something fresh and new, I implemented Operation Scrap Bin {OSB} where my aim was to awaken my creativity by going through my tub of fabric scraps and pieces and coming up with a new garment. The plan was 5 garments in 4 days. Well, that was over a week ago, and I've only completed one so far.

But I am in love with this one--causing me to abandon OSB altogether and focus on making more of these:

Creating this took me right back to my natural place: freestyle designing/making things up as I go. The skirt laces up because I didn't want to use elastic and didn't have a zipper. The white part of the underskirt happenend because the underskirt was far too tight for me--and likely anyone else--to get in and needed to be widened. The white part of the tie in back of the top is a result of not having enough of the printed fabric left over to make it as long as I wanted. Et cetera.

All of those elements work together to form this neat little ensemble great for the summer heat!




Barbara said...

Love it! So glad to see you back creating. This piece looks so fun to wear!

fly tie said...

thank you! and feels good to be back doing my thing. :-)

narcissaqtpie said...

Pretty awesome.

fly tie said...

hey lady! i was thinking about you and your sewing all weekend.

thanks! :-D

fly tie said...
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