Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another level

I love when people request custom versions of items that I have in my shop but maybe with a slight or major difference. Well, most of the time I love it.
That's how the reversible knit hoodie dress came to be. (Prior to the request from someone in Canada, it was just a one-sided dress.)
Then there's the popular maxi dress. I've made this style many times in various fabrics. Never, though, had i done it in jersey knit. Well, that's how someone recently requested it be made, and they got it!

So, I'll have to now incorporate this into my regular way of creating this style, since I know some people prefer the stretch fabric.
(Mrs. Allen-Mercado, I still have in mind that idea you came up with for the jersey knit tunic. I'm gonna definitely test that out!)
I owe much credit to those who support me. If it were not for your inner designer-- some of your ideas and input on ways that a garment could be made--various styles that I create today would not necessarily be!

Someone wants a custom version of one of these, so I get to get back into a bit of the artistic--as in painting and what not--side of my work.

Haven't done it in a while, and I miss it. Better yet, I need it!
So, I visited an elder friend of mine yesterday and was bit by the quilting bug. Y'all, she'd made some of the most fantastic--culturally and otherwise--quilts I've ever seen! I've always been intrigued by this craft and even tried it back in the day. I don't think I was ready then, though. At this point I'm feeling that the time is right, so she's gonna teach me.
Can't wait to have me some of my very own, made-by-me quilts to wrap up in. As well as some to sell, ha! Oooh, oooh's gonna be great!


Emma's Mom said...

Quilts are so nice, I think you are gonna fall in love with them once you start making them. I can imagine you painting away. Good luck with your custom pieces. I'm sure they will be beautiful as always =)

Roshanda said...

That's the one! That's one I was coveting!

If you've never made the dress in jersey before, what was original fabric you used?

fly tie said...

i know! i'm gonna be so thrilled when i produce my first quilt!!!!

roshanda--usually i make these out of a linen type of material. it's a combination of linen and rayon. this style turned out really nicely in jersey knit, though. gotta do more!


I love the peace t-shirt...Mini is about anything with a peace sign or the word peace...You just gave me an idea for her bedroom makeover...maybe i'll do that on a pillow...

Anonymous said...

i like that bag!!!

and have you ever thought about making a dress or jumper with your affirmative words? that would be dope as well...