Thursday, February 18, 2010



Definitely rare around here. For whatever reason I've long been intimidated by the thought of making them, but...*exhale* we are.

The ones above were made from a McCall's pattern that I fell in love with (enough for me to decide to even use a commercial pattern. Oftentimes they stress me out). The pants remind me of my beloved revamped jeans from about 5 years ago, except that in addition to the elastic in the hem, the jeans also tied around the leg.

I adored these jeans, but have since outgrown them :-(.

But what's even better about this new found pattern is the loose fit. They're really comfortable and suit my upcoming style of dress for the Spring and Summer, which I know are gonna be hot, hot, hot!. A few pairs might pop up in my etsy shop as well.


So we were back at it this Thursday evening!

I'm operating on a machine here...^^

...and here.^

We encountered some threading issues a few times on various machines, and it took longer for a couple students to get into a steady rhythm. We're coming along though, and they're starting to actually see their bags (the chosen project) take shape and are thrilled about it. Of course that thrills me! :+)

*Note: I was proud to have made it through the entire class without my glasses...even threaded a needle or 4! I rely on them so much when I'm working yet misplace them just as much. From time to time I'll push myself to keep them off as a test, and I always do just fine.



Ms. Bar B: said...

Ok. Those pants are fab. That is an awesome design and awesomely executed might I add! They look really really comfy and the fit is perfect! I think they would be great in your shop, and very glad to read that the ones you are wearing are for YOU!

See, told ya so. Told ya that your students would come running back for more! I can't wait to see their finished bags and I know they can't wait either!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Green!!! I love green and it always makes me happy to see people in green. It's kinda weird, I suppose, but it's like we have this "thing" in common, us-the wearers of green!

It looks like a full house, more students than last time? Yay! *Wonders if anyone has had a meltdown like the ones I've had toiling over the machine.*


That's what I'm talking bout...creativity in action...I tried to imagine where I would be if I never learned to sew...My mom taught me...and then in Jr. high home ec. class I taught my friends...and later studied in High School and College...You are really sharing your gift...It makes me proud...

Anonymous said...

Hi Fly Tie :),
oh,it's been some time now since I last commented on your blog,but it's just that I'm a little too busy right now.Anyway I always come here and check it.It's such a good delight and a nice pause for me.
I'm really so proud for you doing this sewing project.This is one of those things when I say:That's so cool :)!
Kiss,kiss my sweety :)!

fly tie said...

thanks, ladies! :-)

@ ms. bar b--well, those were actually for someone else, lol! but i WILL be making a few for myself.

@ t. allen--it was the same amount minus one, but thankfully that one didn't miss because of the stress of it all, ha ha! she was back this thursday. i think these photos may have included more individuals than the last ones.

i love that these ladies are very interested and determined, and even when the bobbin acts up, thread keeps breaking, or they just can't sew a straight line, they're still very excited about the process.

@ soul pretty--thank you! you know i admire you and your creative abilities, so those words mean a lot to me.

@ jasmina--thanks, dear! and i've been slacking on visiting my usual blogs as well, so i won't hold it against you ;-)....:-D

Newness of Life said...

I'm in love with those pants! You know how I feel about that color. And right now, anything adjustable in the waist is my friend.

周杰倫Jay said...

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