Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starting Something

For the longest I've been wanting to offer a free sewing workshop to the local community but had never done so due to various reasons. Well, a few weeks ago I thought, "Dangit, let me stop making excuses and just do this." Since this is the month that's been designated as Black History Month and there're hardly ever any events going on for folks to partake of for its sake, I figured why not get it kicked off now? (You may recall an endeavor from February 2008 where we set out to fulfill a similar gap of inactivity.)

I went to the parks and recreation administrative office to secure a room in one of the many public centers they have around here, printed up some flyers/registration forms, went on a radio program to promote, spread the word via other means, and waited to see the response. Well, people showed interested, And I ended up with 14 registered individuals. The first class was tonight (Thursday), and seeing as how it was freezing cold, rainy, and seemingly on the verge of snowing, I was prepared if no one showed. (I figured if nothing else my sistafriend Divine and I would have been in there sewing by ourselves, 'cause the rain wasn't going to stop us, ha!.) People came, though, and I ended up with 7 students. Yaaay!

A few photos...

That's my old school Atlas machine being used. I knew I'd be doing more talking and showing than sewing, so I gave it up for the evening.

My youngest student, age 10. :-) She'd never sewn before, but the child is good!

We'd had several machines donated from a local sewing machine shop owner, however, I was surprised and happy to learn that nearly everyone who registered for the class has a sewing machine. Whether they'd bought it with the intention of learning but never did or gotten one handed down to them, people have machines! That was one concern that had me putting this off: the issue of not having enough machines.

But with all that said, only two people among those who actually showed up tonight had their own machines, so I was very thankful for the donated ones.

My "photographer" (*smile*) took some neat close-ups. This is one of my favorites.

Great times were had by all, and it really made my heart smile to see how interested and grateful everyone was to me for initiating this. This is all so very enjoyable/fulfilling , and who would have thought I'd be somewhere someday teaching people to sew!?!? :-D

See more pictures on Flickr.

Was jamming to this in the car on the way to class...


(p.s. Classes are every Thursday from February 11-March 4)

Edited to add:

Woke up Friday Louisiana!!!! :-D And it's coming down really hard.

Off to play!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Wonderful, I just felt a chill come over me-in a good way. I'm so excited for you and I hope it continues to be a huge success.

Yay for your young student, Yael is certainly more comfortable at the machine than I am, but I'm working on it! ;)

MJ was such a humanitarian-"If you wanne be starting somethng you gotta be starting something"-There's miles and miles of depth in that statement alone. Heck, I may be up all night, now..just startin' somethin'!

fly tie said...

exactly! mike has some profound lyrics. ya gotta really listen to what's being said. i loved that this song was on the radio when i got in the car.

yeah, the yound ones don't seem to have as many hold ups as us grown folk. they just do it.

thank you! :-)

A Cuban In London said...

This is the kind of project in which I believe wholeheartedly. The difference you're making in your area cannot be measured. Good on you. Many thanks for the photos.

Greetings from London.

High Desert Diva said...

As Cuban said, good on you.

You rock the teacher glasses, too.

Perfect pre-class song, btw!

Joyce in NC said...

Congrats!! I hope your class continues to grow. I also teach young sewers (ages 8 - 17). The classes are free. The students provide their own machines. I only ask that they in turn pass it on and teach someone else to sew. I'll be watching to see how the classes progress. Much continued success.

Newness of Life said...

WOW! I'm shocked it took you this long to teach a class. I know you are a natural at it. I'm so glad you put all fears aside and just DID it! Feels great huh? You have some fortuante students to be blessed with such a talented and passionate instructor.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Such an amazing thing! It was great how all the pieces just fell into place so that you could share your gift in this way =). I am sure that your students will be back and will probably bring friends!

Charmaine D'Silva said...

I really love reading your blog, your thought provoking words and especially the things that you are doing in your community.

Maybe someday we can collaborate on something... your taste in music

xoxo Charmaine

A Cuban In London said...

Snow at your end? Have you made any snowmen yet? :-)

Greetings from London.

fly tie said...

thank you all for the wonderfully supportive comments!! and, yes, it does feel great. :-)

@charmaine--your comment made me smile wider than i already was.:-D

thank you, and a calloboration souns good to me.

@cuban--there wasn't quite enough :-/ but i really enjoyed what little we got.