Monday, June 8, 2009


New mini dress that's a bit more "mini" than it was supposed to be.

I like the outside pictures. I really do. But between the scorching heat and the brown spider I saw scurrying across the grass while I was taking this shot, it might not work for too much longer. If there's one part of nature I never could tolerate it's spiders. eeeek!! (And it probably felt the same about me and these big size 10 feet treading through the yard.) Photos could always be taken when the sun is a little less intense, but the presense of those little creatures is not as regulatable.

So, I'm back to dial-up, and it takes a picture forever to upload. Still, I'm just happy that I'm able to have internet way out here where I am. Nature, the peace and quite, the stillness, it's all beautiful, and I enjoy it thoroughly. When it comes down to it, though, it's great being able to connect with others via the world wide web.


Since I love this song so much, here it is for your listening pleasure.



Ms. Bar B: said...

Go head on girl =). I'm with you on the spiders, I am sooo not a fan of those little (sometimes BIG) things. The dress/shirt is pretty =) Don't worry about the length, a lot can be done with it and I am sure the luck lady who purchases it will do just that.

Anonymous said...

oh, so you have internet connection out there? hmph. well, someone needs to reply to their email then. or atleast call a sis!

lol. seriously. and the pics outside are *much* better than the artificial green backdrop.

Tiffany said...

Great picture! I agree with Plantfolk, it might be a good idea to take more photos outside.

Newness of Life said...

size 10 feet? How tall are you? I always imagine you like 5ft all. lol. You look so petite.

This dress is super cute. No sleeves with a hood. flyness!

A Cuban In London said...

Love the dress but not the spiders. Especially big, brown ones. And loved that track. Didn't know the artist. Thanks for introducing him to me.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tie, just wanted to say, how beautiful it is that you step out on faith and live. I pray your journey is prosperous and fulfilling. That the sun hits you just where you need it to and the shade is not to far behind to draw you back in.
Blessings upon blessings.

Dedication: Damion Marley, “Beautiful”

Jewelry Rockstar said...

That would make a great maternity top! Sorry you are on dial-up:(

fly tie said...

thanks, y'all!

@plantfolk--while i didn't have it for a while, but i'm in business now. i do still like my artificial's had my back for a while--literally, ha! but i must say the outdoors is nice.

@Newness of Life--you are correct. i am pretty petite and short (5foot 4, maybe??), so where these big size 10s came from, i'm not sure. i do love my big feet, though. :-D

@Cuban--that one i saw was brown, too. the same color as the dress. i'm still not too familiar with k'jon, but i adore that song.

@cut2clothe--your comments always make me feel wonderful. i really needed that. thank you. :-)

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

The green back drop is nice as well, but, I am enjoying the outside pics. I hope there aren't any snakes?

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