Sunday, May 3, 2009



Didn't mean to look gangster-ish in the photo. Tiredness translates like that for me sometimes.

And on Flickr you can see a collage of different views.


A final exam Monday night. Another Wednesday. Then it's over!! I just need to collect my thoughts on characters and themes from The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, The Vicar of Wakefield, Pride and Prejudice, and Northanger Abbey enough to write 4 well-developed short essays and answer some identification questions. Then look over the chapter on semantics in my linguistics book. Yep. That's all.


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Theme: Prom

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Long stories short: It was a last minute decision to go, and my general attitude towards it was, "Eh..whatever" Seniors were supposed to wear white, but I wasn't into that. I found that shimmering little red number for 60 bucks in Frederick's of Hollywood at the Mall in Irving, TX. Didn't have a date, so I went with to 2 friend (who didn't have dates either). The guy who I was into and had shared mutual flirtations with ended up going with someone else (see photo bottom left). That someone else was/is like a little sister to me. My mom babysat her for yrs. Well, he didn't know that and she didn't know about us (and since there was noting really concrete between me and him, I guess there wasn't a whole lot to know). By the time I'd decided I was gonna go and was eying him as a potential date, I got word that he already had a date (found out later that he'd gotten word that I wasn't going.) We had sort of a "You like me and I like you, but you make me much to giddy most of the time to talk to you directly, so I'll just have to hear through the grapevine what's going on with you" type relationship. In the end, prom was wack, and I wish I'd stayed home and watched Food Network. About the guy--really nice and respectful individual who I still wonder about from time to time.


Sweet song to tie it all together:

Man. I won't even go into my love of and for Lauryn Hill (at least not in this blog friend Jewelry RockStar did a great post that expresses many of my own sentiments about Ms. Hill), but after all these yrs. that I've been a huge fan and all this time that she hasn't really been on the scene, I still feel the same strong connection to her and her music that I did as a teen.



T.Allen-Mercado said...

You look darling in your red dress! I'm glad you went against the grain. I guess prom is a HUGE deal for some, but y'know I seem to miss the HUGE deal about most social situations. I do however completely get the HUGE deal about Ms. Lauryn Hill...I miss her.

Good luck with all of your end of the school year hoopla, and as always thanks for participating.

please sir said...

Great top and song! Oh I miss prom days!

nuvonova said...

I really liked her music too, and sense of style.

A Cuban In London said...

You don't look gangster, you look foxy(ish). Like you I share the same passion for Lauryn, but after all these years I am starting to believe that she was a one-trick lady. I even bought that acoustic session she put out many moons ago where her voice is hoarse and croaky. A few gems here and there but very disappointing. I hope she comes back and pronto.

Many thanks for your prom tale.

Greetings from London.

fly tie said...

@ cuban..yeah i've heard/read varying views on lauryn, and i can't dispute anyone's perception of anything. i can only speak for myself. but i do agree with you that i hope she returns soon!

Kathryn said...

Impressed with your fashion sense.! Just your your styles. Like your outfit, especially that blue top.