Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's No Secret

Made this last weekend but just got around to photographing it today.

Olive green with top lined in purple

Saturday I was out all morning searching for another (used) dresser of a particular size and height for my bedroom. Tired, hungry, and dresser-less, I finally gave up and headed home thinking, "No worries. I know I'll find one soon."

Pulled up to the house, and what did I see?

The above dresser sitting outside my neighbor's house waiting to be picked up as trash. The exact height and size for what I was needing. I went over to her to inquire further and found out that it's perfectly functional and that she was preparing to move and didn't need it anymore. It now occupies a spot in my room. Free of charge. :-D

I got an idea for a decoupaged dresser from one of my favorite blogs, Soul Pretty. Perhaps I'll try something like that on the top and fronts of the drawers...


Just some films I checked out from the library to watch as I sew.

And according to the comments on youtube, I'm not the only one who got teary eyed on this part of Juno. Baby kicking correlating with heart pounding due to love--too much for me and my emotions. :-) I've mentioned before that American Beauty is one of my favorite movies to watch. Most of the others are ones I've heard about and decided to check out.


Tea and Honey Bread's Shutter Click & Chat Sundays

"Post a picture that coincides literally or figuratively with a song title or lyrics."

Kanye West in action.

"I'm better than the rest. Check out the way I dress.
And got a lot of money to spend.
The best club in town is where I get down.
You're lucky if I choose you, my friend.
Walk the greatest walk,
I got to be the talk.
I got the greatest show in town."--Marvin Gaye, "Ego Trippin' Out" (This is only one of the 2 versions I've heard.)

Considering that I often hear the word egotistical used to describe Kanye, I thought the above picture was perfect for this song. Not saying he is or isn't or if that's good or bad. Just matching picture to song here. ;-)



Cat said...

ooo The Corporation!! I LOVE that film!!

High Desert Diva said...

Like the addition of purple on the dress...

SCORE on the dresser! Serendipty. It will be fun to see what you do with the decoupage....take pics!

Glad you thought of something for SCC...a fun meme.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Love the dress as always.

Girl, you can find some of the best stuff out on the curb... we all do it all the time in my neighborhood. Folks are always moving in and out due to graduation and such, so they sell things and just leave things behind because they don't need them, can't fit them in the truck, etc. One wo/man's junk is another's... dresser, lol.

I still haven't seen Juno... gotta add that one to my collection.

And that was a great picture of Kanye... and yes he is quite the little "Divo" to use the term that D'wight used on Real Housewives of Atlanta, lol. Kanye's attitude can get on ya nerves sometimes, BUT, if you aren't your biggest cheerleader and if you don't believe in "you" to the fullest then I guess you shouldn't sit around expecting everyone else to, right? So you just gotta love him anyway, lol.

Great post.


...Now that's my kind of shopping...can't wait to see the results of your project...maybe you should try to cover it with some of your funky fabric...

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Y'know you're going to have that dresser forever, yes?! Some of my most prized possessions have been from the curb shoppe!

Wow lots of movies-I don't think I've seen any of them, except Manchurian Candidate. Is that the original one?

Woo, I love Kanye! Perhaps he is a tad egomaniacal. Who though, can love him more than he can?! Thanks for participating!

please sir said...

Another lovely dress and dresser - what a great find!

Breath of Light said...

I think you'll enjoy Boys of Baraka. I super happy about your dresser find. See how the Creator worked it out???

Alison said...

Those cakes are amazing, aren't they??? And BTW your 'pretend niece' is adorable. My niece is almost 9 now and I kind of miss the little baby girl she was...

And BTW2 I'm working on a dress in bright colors, inspired by your wonderful color palette!

fly tie said...

thanks all! i'm do thrilled about the dresser.

@ breathing're right. things always seems to work out. i love it! oh, and turns out that i *have* seen the boys of baraka. i was told that i had but couldn't remember when.

@ tameka...yep, i'm sure i'll have for for a long long time. such is the case with all of my other furniture: second hand finds that i've had for ages.

and i feel what y'all are saying about kanye. i mean, i'm not a huge fan of his, but he does his thang.

@ soul pretty...not *that's* an idea...

@ alison so glad i could inspire you in that way. :-D i actually wanna get around to making myself a bellydance ensemble, and my inspiration to stop procrastinating and do it was gained from something i read on your blog. gotta love it!

Ruby's Vintage said...

Boys of Baraka made me cry. Happy viewing!

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

That dresser was a nice snag! Look forward to seeing the altered look of it.c

Jewelry Rockstar said...

That dress is awesome!

tiger said...


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