Monday, October 20, 2008

Workin' It

So, when I first saw it the other day, Beyoncé's new "video"for her song "Single Ladies" really appealed to me (and I put video in quotes, cause it's really just a dance routine. But I'm big on dancing.) For whatever reason a lot of women people talk bad about her, but she does her thing. In my younger years I was a major fan of Destiny's Child , so I might be a little biased, but she's alright with me. It's true that I don't own any of her solo albums or even consider myself a fan, but I do enjoy watching her perform. This one's upbeat, sexy, and they're doing some serious moving. I found myself saying "Get it, B!!" a few times, lol!! The moves around 1:33-1:42 are my favorite. (song lyrics)

But anyway...

Several days ago I was tagged by Ohthatgirl of What That Girl Wears to list 11 things about me as they relate to the numbered items. So let's see:

1. Clothing Shop
When I do buy clothes they come from goodwill or other thrift type stores like Taxi Taxi in Houston, TX, which I really like.

2. Furniture Shop
All my furniture is second hand, so...

3. Sweets
I mostly eat fruit when I need something sweet, however there's a vegan spice cake that I make which is oh so delightful. Just the right amount of sweetness.

4. City
I really like Decatur, GA. If only for the beautiful trees and houses and the Dekalb Farmers Market . I could pitch a tent and live in that place.

5. Drink
Water. There's nothing like it. :-D

6. Music
I couldn't even begin to talk about the kind of music I like. I'll just stick to what's in my profile: "Whatever I can feel."

7. TV Series
Ok, well, I said before that I'm not big on TV and that come February mine will probably be out of commission. But I enjoy watching Independent Lens (which might now be called Point of View on PBS..I've yet to figure out if these two are now the same or what) as well as other documentary type programs aired on that station.

8. Film
Hmmm...I like drama films, some comedy films, and some of those mushy love story films (Sleepless in Seattle, Sweet November, etc.) And I've always liked American Beauty. And documentaries...especially those dealing with "the olden days." I recently saw The Land Where the Blues Began and love it.

9. Workout
I used to go walking 4 times a week (not really for exercise, though...mostly for the experience, and the workout occurs in the process), but walking + minimal eating= me 10 lbs lighter than I'd like to be and jeans not fitting the way they should :-/. So I had to cut it out for a while. Bellydancing gives a pretty good workout (along with moving to songs such as the one I opened this post with.)

10. Pastries

Really, these are my weakness, but I've been doing good about staying away from them. Yet, with the current mission of gaining my weight back, I might have to make some from time to time. I really like crusts stuffed with fruit like apples or pears.

11. Coffee
No thanks :-)

And of course I've gotta leave y'all with visuals: a new dress.

The bit of that blue sweater material left over from the other blue sweater dress needed to be used up, so there it is. Basic. Comfy. To the point.

In other (irrelevant) news, I just realized it's exactly one month til my birthday. Things move right along...

Have a lovely evening/day/morning.



T.Allen-Mercado said...

That's such a pretty blue! And more interesting stuff about you. I remember wanting so badly for Joe and I to have enough money to pick out our own furniture...and once we did, decidely we like old/used/vintage stuff the most! They don't make stuff like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Hi there: Just wanted to clear up the confusion about Independent Lens. The series is not called Point of View (P.O.V), that's another series on PBS. You can find out more at this web site:

Ms. Bar B: said...

That dress looks so comfortable. I envy your skills. Do you know how many comfy things we'd have around this place if I could sew?

I am loving that new B song too.

Sings: If ya liked it then ya shoulda put a ring on it...

High Desert Diva said...

I'm a huge thrifting fan too. I only own one piece of new furniture...the rest is 2nd hand/vintage/antique.

Now I'm going to try to imagine what it would be like to be 10 lbs underweight...

deedeemoure said...

like the dress, would look cute with leggings as well. which beyonce song are you talking about, is it "like a boy"? if so i think that song is good as well. i do not care for mariah carey, but i like her song love you long time, check it out she might suprise you as well.

Debra said...

Dang...that blue rocks!! Great dress.


nice...learned a lot

Diva Ma said...

That was my first look at her video and I'm like you! Get It, B! I have always been envious of the way this girl can move. If I could move like that..... umm umm umm!

I think I'mma use that dance video as a workout. Maybe I can get her legs!

kim* said...

yes no wonder why you are so healthy and fit you eat fruits and drink water! i need water im thirsty lol

i like swapmeets and thrift stores but havent been going lately.

fly tie said...

tameka--that's funny. yeah, there's solidity about older items that just doesn't seem to be present in a lot of the more recently produced items.

anonymous--thanks you! i've been meaning to go to the pbs site and sort this all out but just never have. i don't catch independent lens regularly, and it seems like whenever i did attempt to tune in, pov would be on. so i was just confuses.

ms. bar b.--i love comfy clothing. shoot...i *can* sew and still don't have enough of those type pieces in my wardrobe.

h.d.d--ha!i don't like it so much.

dindi--it's the "single ladies" song. regarding mariah carey...i've heard that song, but can't really get into her even on a superficial level, lol! and i was once a huge m.c. fan as well.

diva ma---ain't she workin it!?!?! lol!

kim--oh, but i could be so much healthier!

thanks all!

Muze said...

love the dress.

and thrift shops and water are my deal!

sweets are my weakness. lol.

i so heart your blog. really really do.

please sir said...

Blue suits you so well!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love your things. The dress, I love the farmers market - and don't live far from ther : )

And since you like Beyoncé here is something for entertainment

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yes, yes, yes Dekalb Farmers' Market. So many wonderful goodies. The dress looks fabu, but hey the way you wear things makes anything look incredible. I just love anything that Bey does, I'm sorry I just can't help it.

tiger said...


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