Thursday, March 12, 2009


There was a large piece of material left over from this dress. Not really enough for another dress. I wasn't interested in making a skirt at the time. So, a tunic.

Despite how snug it appears on me, it's actually 40 inches around the bust (I'm 34 inches.) I had 3 pins in the back holding it up.


Is it just me or has anybody else been extremely sleepy lately? I mean, every single day so far this week all day long I've been struggling just to stay awake. I'm not sure if it's related to the recent time change or what, but it only hit me on Monday. If that's what it is, never has a time change affected me like this. During the above photo shoot, I had to take about 5 minutes and just lay on the bed. (Cause yeah, my bedroom doubles as my photo shoot room.) I literally felt like I was about to pass out. I think I'll be calling it a night pretty soon.


Soothing music for the tired soul.

I've been craving Maxwell's music so much lately. Well, the "old Maxwell" anyway...before the hiatus and haircut. I'm not sure what his new music will be like, though it's good to know he'll be back on the scene.

"Whenever, Wherever, Whatever"

(Click photo to listen)

If that doesn't work, click here.

"His music moves through my being. Fills my spirit with indescribable delight."--Commenter on YouTube

Couldn't have said it better.



Tamstyles said...

cute dresses...I could see my daughter in stuff like that..

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I like the tunic-they're my favorite lightweight summer staple as long as there are side slits cause...well y'know I need room!

I'm worried about the return of Maxwell after being a die hard fan for years (chasing concerts and all) he better come back right!

Breath of Light said...

YES!! I have been struggling with staying awake. I've even found quiet rooms to go to sleep in during my lunch breaks. I don't know exactly what it is either, but I contributed it to my anemia even though only THIS week it's been very bad. Anyways, I dig the tunic. Love the color and lenght of it. I'd so rock that in the summer with some jeans and sandals.

Anonymous said...

Hi don't know me,but I know you :)!I've been following your BLOG for some time now and I really like it very much.So,today I thought that all these stories of beautiful creations,music and studying should get an award.Check it out at my BLOG :).

Have a nice weekend.


I have been so tired too!!! It must be the change in time and season...When out with Mini yesterday, I could barely stay awake and everything seems could be allergies too...hum. Like the top...

Jewelry Rockstar said...

nice tunic. Maxwell was great on that BET special, then he toured and charged way too on tix.

Samantha said...

I really like the tunic, the long slit is perfect. :)

nuvonova said...

Oh wow I thought it was just me feeling sleepy! I've actually been having 1-2 hours nap in the afternoon if I'm at home, like a baby! Weird!

(and yes, I think the free mousepad was for being more of a buyer haha!)

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

I am lovin your tunics!

Allergies make me feel sleepy and tired. Hope you've been able to enjoy some naps.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Very cute and summery dress:) Wish I was sleepy, I have insomnia and a good nights or afternoons sleep would do me good:):)

Execumama said...

Let me just say I went to Maxwell's concert in Atlanta a couple of months ago and HE'S STILL GOT IT!! I was nervous too, because I'm SO not feeling the soup-bowl haircut, but he has not lost one iota of his magical Maxwell mojo; I left satisfied and then some :) Great blog, by the way! I'm a total wannabe seamstress and will be shamelessly using your designs as not-so-gentle nudges in my side to remind me to keep at it.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Great tunic. If I were near, I think I'd probably be at your house right now getting fitted for graduation dresses, lol. I've been tired too... but I'm always tired so I don't think its the time change for me, but I don't know, its just something about this semester. I am up late (not being able to sleep) and then having a super hard time getting up in the mornings. So crazy...

Love the Maxwell... I kinda wish he still had a fro, but I guess when reinventing yourself you have to change your look often. I'm interested in hearing his new stuff too... his voice and style is timeless.

A Cuban In London said...

For some reason I could not take my eyes off your bandanna. It's beautiful. Yes, I know it's not the main feature in your post but I am a bandanna man and yours is quite unusual. Was that left over material that you turned into a bandanna or did you buy it in a shop?

Maxwell rocks, man :-).

Greetings from London.

Juli said...

I so love those kinds of clothes. Versatile, comfortable and sexy ! Perfection :)

I have also been pretty tired lately and have noticed an odd energy, everyone kind of grumpy and on edge. I never thought about it being the time change but that's about the same time I noticed it as well. weird.

So, when you come for a visit I'll make you some of my fine vegetarian chili. I was vegetarian for several years but became ill when i was pregnant with my son and started eating meat again. We still do (and have all of his 16 years), have meatless meals at least twice a week.

My summer favorite is herbed tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from our garden. Do you eat dairy and eggs ? Our eggs are unfertilized and all natural :)

I hope your day is excellent and filled with good music and joy !

PamperingBeki said...

His voice is amazing!

please sir said...

Great music selection!

david santos said...

Really beautiful posting. Nice photos and very good blog.
Happy Day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fly Tie :o),

I hope you're doing fine,and that you're not so tired anymore.It's the spring you know!
Today I finally took the time to discover who this Maxwell is.Yeah,I know,probably you think how come I don't know him :).I couldn't get to the song you posted a link to,but I've just heared Fortunate,and it's so beautiful.

Have a nice rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

Nope, you can't take all the naps for yourself. I have been one tired sis the past 2 weeks. I can't stand it. A couple of times I have lost track of time in the morning.

And then you go and put Maxwell on our post. I absolutely love him. I have purchased all of his pre-hair cut cds. Do yourself a favor and check out his mtv unplugged cd. its so awesome.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

look at u

fly tie said...

thanks all!

ok so i see it's not just me! i's gotten better lately, but i could still sleep for 8-10 hrs. (which is a lot for me)

@ t. allem-mercado--i'm jealous that you were a maxwell concert chaser!

@ execumama--that's good to know about maxwell. i've (unfortunately) never seen him live and know that if i do i'm gonna be wanting him to sing all the older songs that i know and love. lol @ the haircut comment!
yeah, i love a lot of hair on men (usually), so i do prefer the former look. but i guess he's gotta do what he fells is necessary. glad i encourage you to sew. :-D

@ ms. bar b--that would be great. i love to have the privilege to fix you up for your big day. :-)

@ cuban--that's actually a sarong that i found at a garage sale. this photo is the first time i've worn it on my head. normally i wrap it around my shoulder or wear it as a skirt. and i agree about maxwell. :-D

@ juli--thanks so much. :-) those herbed tomato sandwiches sound wonderful--simple and light. just my kind of eating.

@ jasmina--oh no, i wouldn't think that! there are several people who've probably never heard of him...even with all his great music. and there are so many great singers and so much great music that i've never heard. i always come across new music and think, "now why didn't i know about this before!?!?" but i'm glad you took the time to research him. his music is beautiful. fortunate is one of my favorites.

@ cut2clothe--i can't stand it either! i'm not one to sleep all up in the day and stuff. and i hardly ever know what time or day it is...

i'll def. check out the unplugged cd.

tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.