Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blowin' In The Wind


Made from material left over from the dress shown in this post.

I've also made my first tunic of the season:

Has slits on the sides.
Previous versions can be seen here, here , and here.


I was out yesterday in beautiful nature and snapped a few shots.

The shape of this tree reminds me of side ponytails.

I wore a mean side ponytail as a youngster. If my hair were long enough now, I'd do it again. There was something so sassy about them to me. The closest I can get at the moment is the hair do you see above....twists pinned up in back and on one side. Guess my head kinda looks like that tree.

And speaking of styles from former years:

A shot I clandestinely took while in the park supposedly reading Tom Jones for my British Lit. class. I don't formally keep up with what's "in", so I was a bit caught off guard when I saw a lady in stirrup pants. I mean, I know the 80s are back, but this was my first sighting of stirrup pants in a long, long time. Maybe I should call my mom and let her know. She was the queen of those.


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Theme: Wind

Although it was very windy while I was out yesterday, I didn't get any windy shots. I'd forgotten what the theme was for this week. So instead of a picture of my own, here's a wind related scene from American Beauty that really resonated with me when I first saw it years ago.



T.Allen-Mercado said...

All good things! A friend called me a few weeks ago and mentioned the return of the stirrup...I was never a fan-I'll have to pass on acid wash and stirrups.Side ponytails...are they back too?! They do give more attitude than a centrally located one and more maturity than a high one.

I love the scene, thanks for sharing!

Ms. Bar B: said...

I really love the photo of the tree. It couldn't have been more perfect, with the red (leaves) sprinkled on the ground. It made me wanna be there to experience it in person.

That is one sassy dress you have there girl =), and in my favorite color. I peeped the longer maxi styled one on the store site... the model looked like a princess wearing it, as did you. I love this version, any girl would be the life of the party in it!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Um, stirrups? I have memories of those from the early 90s and I just can't see myself donning a pair again. They say things always come back in style but I will live that one in the 90s.

I love the color of the dress - my favorite.

Sewuptight said...

Hi. I just nominated you for the Sisterhood Award.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

My 7 year old loves side ponytail. She usually requests it when she is feeling sassy. I love that tree. I love the tunic too.

Alviana said...

Fabulous! both dress and tunic. Nice blog :)

A Cuban In London said...

I loved the recycling bit, never chuck anything away! That scene from American Beauty is beauty itself, many thanks. I am a tunic man, as in, I like seeing women in tunics, it brings out the Greek/Roman fan in me. How about sandals? Were you wearing sandals? Lovely post.

Greetings from London.

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

I absolutely love the tunic and the color as well. In University, I had a soft pink tunic with white embroidery that was made in Asia. I had bought it in a second-hand shop.

fly tie said...

yeah..i think i'm also gonna pass on the stirrup. it never really was my style.

@ ms. bar b--isn't it great?/ and those are actually flowers. just sprinkled beautifully all around.

and yeah, i think the short purple came out fun. :-D

@ jewelry--*yay* for little girls in side ponytails! i see it every now and then among either young girls or elderly women. it always makes me smile.

@ cuban--thank you my dear! :-) i was actually barefoot in the photo. or maybe i had on the mismatch socks i walk around the house in. but it would be great with some of those gladiator sandals. that are "in" now.

thanks everyone for the great comments!