Sunday, February 8, 2009

Partly Whole

At the time that I purchased the red knit fabric for the previous knit dress, I also purchased some of the same fabric in burgundy. After much debate over what to do with it, I gave up and took the easy route out. Hence, a dress similar to the first.

You can't see it, but the white fabric on the sleeves has speckles on it the same colors as those of the dress as well as a few more. And the dress in lined in pink knit material.


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Topic: Something broken

My little glass elephant. I accidentally knocked it out of the kitchen window where it's kept only to find that its beautifully curved trunk didn't survive the fall. :-(

Speaking of trunks and brokenness, I've got a second relevant photo.

After seeing T. Allen-Mercado's picture, I was reminded of the above image of mine. This is a tree a few miles from my home that was taken down by some act of nature. It's a pretty massive tree, and it was entirely uprooted from its location. Pretty fascinating.


Currently reading for my English Novels Class, Pamela by Samuel Richardson.

I wasn't sure that I'd make it through all 600+ pages of the 2 volumes, because it was just dragging on and on from the beginning. However, I'm finally at the point where things have started to happen, so I'm able to stay awake while reading. Before, when reading in bed, I'd be out cold with head in book 10-15 minutes into it. Then there was the matter of the long "s"
in the version of the book that I'm using. I initially thought it was an "f" and could not understand why "f" was replacing "s" at certain points in so many words. Thank goodness for the ability to research and gain clarity. According to the bottom of that Wikipedia entry, I'm not the only one who made this mistake. Seems like I've heard of it before, but I don't recall ever reading a book where it was so prevalent. But then again I am reading a copy that's pretty ancient. That was a serious "oooooooohhhhhhh!!" moment for me.


While in the zone finishing up the knit dress yesterday, I made a new skirt as well.


Much like the elephant above and the tree, I've been a bit disconnected lately. I'm feeling sort of broken. Hopeless even. I get like this sometimes, and today some personal matters have been weighing on my spirit pretty heavily. So, I think I'm gonna just go relax. But first, a song to lighten the mood.

Sade, "Keep Looking"

Also, I can't embed the video here, but I'm dedicating Chrisette Michele's "Love Is You" to everyone for the upcoming love holiday.

(One of the best singers on the scene today, as far as I'm concerned. Saw her live in New Orleans last March. Amazing.)

Have a beautiful week!


High Desert Diva said...

Sorry to hear about the hopeless feelings. Hope your day of relaxing will help.

Will you be able to fix the elephant's trunk?

Had to smile at the broken tree picture. Seems we have a theme this week.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Sorry about the emotional malaise; I hope you get it sorted.

These skirts of yours-these funky collaged kinda skirts are by far my favorite! Do you enjoy making them? They look like you truly enjoy putting them together.

The fallen, broken trees and the oft-tempestuous acts of nature that render them so...I spend a lot of time making comparisons between the strength and endurance of trees and people...intersting stuff.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Looking good there girl. How did you find the time to knock out a dress, a skirt and a book?? I need some of what you got ...or had ::pokes lips out:: Sorry to hear that you are down right now and I hope that whatever has arisen will die down soon.

The hugs you gave to me are now around you.

Juli said...

(((((((((Little Sister)))))))))

I think sometimes that, as we grow we take spurts of feeling that way. Maybe it's so we're sure to take time and examine our paths very carefully. Whatever it is I hope it passes quickly because you truly do deserve only happiness and great joy.

My son walked by while i was reading your blog this morning, we get up very early most days, and he saw your picture in the newest dress and said, "wow mom she's beautiful!" he's a lot like me in many ways, including that he sees the inner before he sees the outer :)

please sir said...

So pretty - a wonderful color on you too! Aww good luck fixing it!

nuvonova said...

That glass elephant is so cute!

I also love knit fabrics!

Gallery Juana said...

Maybe it is the book that has changed your mood? I hope you're feeling better.

I lvoe the skirt! And the dresses in the same style but different colors are cute. The little extra pop of color on the sleeves works really well.

Gallery Juana said...

I went back and reread the post. I hope the personal matters have been sorted out and that your days are brighter now.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Nice dress. I like hearing about what you are reading.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

OH, I know what you are talking about. I have been in and out of that state for awhile now. At least you know you are in good company!

Love Chrisette she is so very talented. I think I should take a listen tonight.

fly tie said...

thanks for all the words of encouragement. :-)

@ diva--unfortunately i've misplaced the broken piece to the trunk. i don't think it was fixable anyway, though. :-(

@ tameka--yes! they're always fun to create. i enjoy coordinating the various colors, patterns, and fabric textures.

@ ms. bar b--i'm not sure *how* i manage to get all that stuff done. especially since i'm prone to laziness and will sit around literally staring at the wall for long periods of time!

@ juli-- :-D great and meaningful words you shared. thank you. and *blush* at your sons compliment!

@ renée--isn't chrisette just great? so underrated.

tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

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