Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catch the Groove

Yesterday I decided that I need to stop playing around and go ahead and revive my other etsy shop. Funny that I call it "other" considering that it was functioning long before the one that I'm now better known for. Those of you who've been in my blog world for some time have read me say that I was gonna shut down sewfly. Then, after much protest from various people, I changed my mind and started adding new pieces. Within the last several months, though, it's fallen by the wayside once again. It was always so fun creating for that shop. With all the painting, stenciling, using bright and colorful fabrics. It just made me happy. Then I got deeper into my "more serious" garments when I opened the flytie shop, and that's been my main focus for almost 2 yrs. I love doing both the playful garments as well as the more everyday/wear to work/wear out on the town garments. I've just gotta find that balance so that I can do both simultaneously. Harmoniously.

The pictures you see here are the types of garments created for the sewfly label. And as you can tell, these are pre me-incuding-me-head-in-all-the-shots pictures. Yes. There was once a time where all photos were taken from the neck down. In those days, I didn't have to worry about the fact that my hair was in plaits or that I looked like a mad woman about the face from sewing all day or night then getting up to take a picture. It was so much easier. However, sometime last year I decided to try something new, so now I at least attempt to make myself look decent so as not to offend when you have to look at my face in every picture. :-)

With spring approaching the feeling to get back into this more artistic side of my creating has been getting stronger and stronger. Spring always inspires that "I can do anything!" feeling in me with all the growth and newness and freshness. That's the same feeling I had when creating garments for the "other" label. If I wanted to see a certain image on a garment, I'd paint it on there. If there was a word or phrase that I thought should be on a garment, I'd stencil it on there. If I wanted to create a dress that reminded me of the neopolitan ice cream sandwiches my cousins and I indulged in as youngsters, then I'd do it. In more intensified color at that. See green/purple/orange dress above. If I wanted to proclaim my love for vegetables in the form of a dress, I'd do that, too. Yep whatever I wanted. I need to get back to that place, because lately I've been overwhelmed by this odd disposition that's somehow making me feel like I can't do anything. Crazy, right?


I leave you with 2 songs from an album I listen to all the way through on an almost everyday basis. It's definitely grooveable from beginning to end and always puts me in the zone when I'm working. Plus these 2 songs are relevant to the love theme that was going on yesterday. Happy post V-day!



T.Allen-Mercado said...

Yay a revival! The "I can't do anything" bug comes through here every so often and I become paralyzed. I think it happens when you try to do something as opposed to just letting something come to life. Y'know-that forced art kinda feeling? Well, that's how it happens with me, and then there will be a breakthrough piece-something that tells me, "Girl, you can do it" and I come back anew!

Q-Tip and I have a history since he left his Wallet in El Segundo. I love his style and his commitment to it! Enjoy your week!

High Desert Diva said...

I'm diggin' the Neopolitan dress. Yay for going back to fun!

Ms. Bar B: said...

Ok, and WHEN did you tell us (read "me") about the sewfly line???? I think I'm in love. You were right on about the bright colors and patterns making one happy, they sure did brighten my mood the moment I laid eyes on them. They were like a breath of fresh air. I must venture over and virtual shop. I think you should add this shop to your sidebar right along with the flytie shop, I don't think you'd be disappointed =)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

the first dress looks absolutly gourgeous on u maam

please sir said...

Such brightful and colorful collections!

fly tie said...

@ tameka--yep! that's how it works for me as well. i'm usually pretty good about letting things flow as they will, but sometimes have to remind myself to do so.

@ mrs. bar b.--um, yeah, it's been a while since i've mentioned it. it's empty at the moment, but i'm working on it! glad you like. :-D

thanks, all. :-)

varun said...

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