Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here, There, Everywhere

Here's another lil mini dress that was made a day after the previous one. The material was given to me by my grandmother, but I wasn't too sure what could become of it. There wasn't a whole lot, so the resulting scarcity of the dress was inevitable. Perfect for hot weather when just a little fabric covering the essentials is all you're going for. ha! I certainly know about that considering the hot, humid summers we have here in South Louisiana.

Over a month ago I was tagged by J over at plantFolk to list 6 things about myself that you may not know. I'm not even sure if there's anything about me left to say considering that I've done a few of these before. But It's always fun, so I racked my brain to come up with 6 more.

1. I'm naturally an all or nothing kinda girl. It's out of my control. So for instance, it translates like this: When going through a break-up with a guy, I'm gonna be an emotional wreck for however long it takes...crying, questioning, not eating, not being productive. (Loving extremely hard is also in my nature.) But then all of a sudden one day, I'll be over it. I'll wake up and think, "Man...that was crazy." Then, "Dang! My library books are overdue again!" or some other random, non break-up related thought. There will be no gradual dying down of feelings. I'm either all the way in or all the way out.

2. I've got very fond memories associated with the show CBS Sunday Morning , and although as an adult I've come to watch it for the content, there was a time when I'd just have it on in the background because of the nostalgia it evoked. When growing up, if I spent the weekend at my grandparent's house--this was very common since one of my cousins lived with my grandparents and we liked to play together--my grandmother would be up early on Sunday morning cooking grits, eggs, and bacon (or something) with the t.v. set on CBS. When eight o'clock rolled around, we'd here the trumpet selection that opens the program and know what time it was.

3. I'm a sure mix of both of my parents' personalities. Now, that doesn't sound so odd, but when you consider that they're totally different, it sometimes makes for a very chaotic life journey for me. My father's very stable, knows what he wants, how to get it, etc. My mother's indecisive, unsure, etc. Combine the two, and here I am. Drives me crazy sometimes.

4. When dealing with a purchased item that doesn't function correctly, I cut out the middle man and go straight to the manufacturer. I prefer personally writing the company and letting them know, "Hey, something's up with this product," rather than just taking it back to the store where it'll likely be repackaged (or not) and stuck back on the shelf. I've been this way since I was a teen. Properly functioning replacements are always sent to me.

5. My travel plans for this year so far include Los Angeles, San Diego, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and maybe back to Brooklyn to hang out once more with my amazing photographer friend, Val. (And I could stand another trip to Tampa. *Hint Hint* to the person who tagged me :-D ) I'm putting it out there, and intend to make it happen.

6. Spring semester classes start today, and I've got a linguistics course at 6 p.m. While I'm really excited about the class (excuse my nerdish-ness), I'm not looking forward to being out walking from my car to the English building then back in 30 degree weather tonight. eeeek!

Have a lovely day!



Ms. Bar B: said...

Loving that mini. It looks like it would make a super cute tunic too. Shoot, put that with some skinny jeans, a pair of heels and a clutch and you have a fabulous evening out. Just one way to still use those summer clothes =).

Too bad you wont be traveling to San Francisco... I'd love to meet Ms. Flytie, lol. Maybe sometime in the future... or maybe I will have my traveling shoes on soon too.

Good luck with your semester. I am back at it next Tuesday and I don't think I'm ready, but ah well, can't do nothin' but to get ready, lol.

Cocoa Brown said...

This dress is soooo cute. Hot! You betta do it ! :-) .
And the way you describe yourself having both of your parents personalities, I am the saaaaaame way! lol, and it can get crazy at times One minute I am like " i'm gonna do this , this and this, and this is how i'm gonna do it". The next minute mmmm I think I wannna do this, and this , and I don't think I wanna do that anymore.....cluttered right? Just like my life. (ie: my now 4 blogs lol.) Thanks for the feedback on my latest post by the way.

High Desert Diva said...

I know what you mean about coming up with another 6 random facts...

Your travel plans sound fun. I was in San Diego two years ago for one day...wish I could have spent a week there.

please sir said...

Oh look at that cute mini - and great little print too!

A Cuban In London said...

OK, I like this one better. I definitely like the cut and the colour combination. Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

What a great dress! I love it. I am holding off on my purchase until I lose a few pounds. My gift to myself - sounds like a plan right ? Hopefully you will make it back to ATL when I am around.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I'm all or nothing too! My husband always balks about my black and white view of the world.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

All or wouldn't that be nice...I'm a brooding Cancer, most of my LIFE is spent in some morbid limbo- researching, collecting data, planning a move.

Your travel plans sound like fun...Brooklyn is a nice way to sum up some of the better parts of a trip to NYC without the hype.

Love the mini-I'm ready to give shoulder, leg is gonna take a while :)

kim* said...

that is perfect!

Juli said...

Polka dots and minis seem to go together :) It would also be very cute with jeans !

You have always seemed like an all or nothing girl to me and that's something I associate with power. True power, not the fake stuff backed by birth or money. The real thing, the kind you're born with.

Keena said...

heeeeey!! i'm in san diego! why would you wanna come here?!?!

fly tie said...

ms. bar b--well, shoot, i might as well make that trip while i'm at it. :-D will look into it...

cocoa brown-exactly!

renee--sounds good. i'll be back out there sometime within the next few months (forgot to add ATL to my list of travel plans)

tameka--i like how you put that..about brooklyn.

jewelry rockstar--ah has ruffled a few feather on my end as well.

juli--thank you! i like to think i'm powerful, but am not always so sure. but i feel it though...i feel it in my bones and moving through my blood. lol! (laughing but serious)

keena--you'r ethe first one i though of! i don't know...i've jut always had this random urge to come to san diego. and if (when) i do, i'll be hitting you up, missy!

thanks, all for the comments!