Thursday, October 30, 2008


Of fabric, that is.

Now I could be completely off here, but I like to think that I've got a pretty good knack for knowing how to use fabric. To me, fabric has personality and a specific type will lend itself to one design versus another. For instance, material with a lot of drape will lend itself to designs with a lot of flow to them. More stiff material, like corduroy for example, seems to be best for more structured or fitted garments. Not only will the fabric's feel be a determining factor in what style of design it would best be used for, but the print may also be an indicator of what the end result of a garment should or could look like. Of course this isn't absolute. When it comes down to it, you can do whatever you want with fabric and it may or may not work. I've been known to use home decor material to make skirts. However, even in crossing over the "genres of fabric," I still try to make sure that what I produce is a good representation.

Since I'm always working with fabric, I think about this often. However, it was fresh on my mind the other day when I got my latest bag of gifted fabric. Around here at one particular Goodwill stores, it's like family affair. Many of the patrons (including myself) go there so often that over time we all came to know each other and know about each other. This is how I came to be familiar with a mother/daughter Goodwill frequenting pair. The mother, who's an elder, was thrilled to know that young people (such as myself) have an interest in making clothes.

I get these sentiments often from older people (and really people in general) and never really know quite how to respond. Sewing is like breathing to me, and I don't make a difference between the generations of seamstresses. However, it makes me happy that they're happy that I sew. :-)

So as I was saying, two yrs. ago they became aware of my interest in sewing and informed me that they had a whole bunch of fabric stashed away from over the years and that they'd like to give me some from time to time. Each of the dresses seen here was produced from fabric they gave me, with the first dress being from the most recent bunch. Now, these aren't necessarily fabrics that I'd go in the store and buy myself, but it's not because I don't like them. It really only has to do with me being drawn to plain solids or solids with some texture to them or fabrics with subtle designs on them. I'll stand and look at and hold a busily printed fabric for the longest in admiration of how beautiful or interesting it is. Sometimes I'll even get a sample just because I love it so much and could use it for inspiration. Usually, though, I won't purchase enough to make a garment. (And I say usually because sometimes I do.) Regardless I love to get fabric as a gift and always make it a point to take what people do give me (which is always good, quality fabric...elders always have the good stuff) and use them in a manner that I think would best suit the fabric's characteristics. Another reason I'm thinking of all this is because these two ladies have never seen anything I've made from the fabrics they've given me. I never have physical pictures of my work. Today I'm gonna make it a point to get some of these printed out so they can have an idea of what I'm doing with what they give me.

And while I'm on a roll posting pictures of long dresses, yesterday I finished up one similar to the black one I did recently.

donna empire style dress

It's really cold this morning, and all I wanna do is be wrapped up in my bed. Plus, my throat has been acting crazy these last few days. I thought I was gonna die in my sleep last nigh from an extended coughing spell. I'm convinced this came from my guy who I had to nurse back to health last week. Thankfully, though, he didn't pass all that ickiness on to me. I only got the scratchy throat, and that isn't really that bad. Nothing a lil mullein tea won't cure....just gotta go get some.

But it's so cooooooold outside!



High Desert Diva said...

Nice to have people on the look out for you! I love the style of the halter dress.

Hope your throat gets to feeling better. My soprano friend, Donna, always drinks Throat Coat tea. I'm not a tea drinker usually, but I love this tea.

kari and kijsa said...

These dresses are fabulous!! Great to have thrifting hunters looking for you!!

kari & kijsa

T.Allen-Mercado said...

You've developed a Thrifter's Alliance-that is the only way to go! I'm slowly meeting folks who have loads of vintage photos for me-it's pretty fascinating.

I hope your throat feels better soon, but bed is never a bad place to be-unless of course there's work to be done.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

love the conture of the second dress yum
but them some long azz curtains, i mean dressed

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Girl you are a huge success! I love every one of those designs. It is always good for folks to give you stuff because you have a whole new set of ideas that you wouldn't ordinarily have. My mom brings me bead and things from estate sales. I love how unusual they are and the fact that I would have never, ever chosen them.


...girl I can't take it. You are working that fabric.

kim* said...

id die to have that striped dress. you look good in everything you make!

please sir said...

You are great at using fabric - wonderful work as usual!

A Cuban In London said...

Dress number 1 and dress number 3 get my vote. Really cool.

Greetings from London.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Beautiful dresses as usual. I absolutely love the first one,purple is my favorite color... that is purple isn't it?

I get the same thing from older people when they see my baby blankets. I guess they figure all the younger folks wanna do is go out and party all the time and stuff like that. Some of us do have old, southern-fried souls and love to just chill and get lost in creativity.

As always, I am looking forward to seeing your next creation.

fly tie said...

yes! i just love it that people are so giving towards me. brings me such joy. :-D

diva--thanks for that link. i really only drink tea when i'm trying to cure something or improve a bodily issue. and i'm glad to report that i'm feeling much better.

t. allen-mercado--i agree. it is very fascinating to be part of an alliance (i like that) where everybody looks out for everybody else. i love the grass roots feel of it.

torrances---thanks, and i see you got jokes!

jewelry rockstar--yes! it opens up a whole new world of creativity.

kim--*blush* :-D

cuban--thank you!

ms. bar b.--yeah, it's purple...well purple-pinkish. lol @ "southern-fried"! and that's so real what you said. i'll take staying in and creating over going out to party any day.

thanks, y'all!