Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dark & Light

Posting later than usual today. Aside from having a pretty productive sewing day (finished up several pieces to send to Cali for an upcoming fashion show), I had to wash and twist my hair before stepping foot in front of the camera to take these photos. Trust. Y'all would not have wanted to see the before. Excuse me if I look tired. I am.

So the dress is made from the black corduroy mentioned before. Ironically enough when I first started this garment last week, I had the silhouette of a particular celebrity in mind as I'd seen her in an online image. Cinched in at the waist with a curvaceous bottom half and sort of narrow going towards the bottom. (And hands are strategically placed in the first picture to try and disguise some of the bagginess around the hips that my own curves fail to fill out.) So when I read about the tragedy that struck her family on Friday, it was like, "Dang." Instances like this hit me right in the chest. Although it's never occurred in my family, I hate for people to have to deal with such senselessness. Similar domestic circumstances seem quite common where I live. Mostly among people 30 years of age and younger. There have been at least 4 that I can remember this year alone. So, so sad and tragic and speaks to a larger degeneracy. (In my opinion anyway.)

And I refrained from typing out her name here for personal reasons.


I'm a bit excited about today's participation in Tea and Honey Bread's Shutter Click & Chat Sundays.

Theme: Anything orange

This chair was purchased for me from goodwill by my guy, and I just adore it. I can recall the day I made it fit in the car so I could bring it home. Yeah, riding down the road with a big ol' chair straddled between the front and back seats looked odd, but I was determined. Not having a truck will not stop me from carting obsenely large, thrifted items to my house. Me and my lil coupe do just fine. :-D On the chair is a throw which came from a garage sale. (I paid nothing for it. It was my friend's sale, and she insisted on just giving it to me.) The card you see is a handmade "thank you" card I received in 2004 from another friend (for whom I was a personal stylist and seamstress.) It was sitting on the black bookshelf you see to the left ( Which was $5 at a garage sale. Delivered to my house for free!), and I figured that the orange fro qualified it for the shot. Then you have the sun rays as they were coming through the window just as the picture was being taken. Perfection!!

I also need to take the time to acknowledge a couple of blog awards I've received recently. They may have been mentioned in previous posts, but they deserve proper recognition.

The first was awarded to me by Marie of Malam-Paris

Marie is an amazing fashion designer whose work I really admire. Having connections with designers around the world really pleases me. She was recently the featured artist on etsy. You can read the interview here. Isn't she awesome?

The next came from Ms. Bar B . of A Place of Comfort.

A Place of Comfort is a place I really enjoy visiting. The way I see it, Ms. Bar B. is a pretty admireable woman. Reading her thought-provoking, humorous, insightful posts always brings me great pleasure. I'm so glad I finally took the initiative to click on the link to her blog one day when I was over at Tea & Honey Bread. It's now one of my favorite online spots to visit.

Now, I'd read the literal translation of what this award means on someone's blog, however I can't recall and don't remember whose blog it was. Nevertheless, I am honored to know that others feel that my blog is award worthy. Sharing my creations and thoughts and seeing/reading those of others makes me a very happy. There's been nothing but love since I've been a part of this, and it's all greatly appreciated.



Renée aka Mekhismom said...

That dress is BAD. Okay, now we really have to talk. Like the unmentioned star I have that shape. So, we should discuss having something like that made. For me. Process?

High Desert Diva said...

Ok...this dress is my favorite so it! (and yes, similar shape to the star...the personal tragedy of which is heart breaking)

Your orange finds are fab! My friend Renee says "Girls can turn any vehicle into a pick up."

Congrats on your awards. I was told the translation of the second award is: The "Friendship Around the World Award" highlights blogs that are special in some way and extends the hand of friendship around the world.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Aww. Thanks for the kind, kind words. They are greatly appreciated and they can definitely also be used to describe yourself and your wonderful and fabulous blog.

I gotta echo Renee and Diva about the beauty of that dress, the similar shape to the star, and the sadness felt about her tragic experience.

And... Yay! for every Good Will, thrift shop, garage sell and generous friend =)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Ooooh, the dress is fabulous! Very nice design.

Thanks for participating, your guy did very well with the chair. We recently put an awesome orange chair to rest after it's second (or third) life in our studio!

Re: the tragedy-it pains me as well, this planet has developed such indifference towards life...there needs to be a paradigm shift, toute de suite.


...kindered spirits...I once brought a fire place mantel home on top of my car...when I got home my brother just started humming the Sandford and Son theme I care...I heart that mantel...

nic said...

I love the dress!

please sir said...

Love your orange picks! On another note, tragedy is so hard...all the best to those suffering.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

The award means "This Blog invests in and believes in the people." It's Portuguese. I am very sorry for our celeb friend. I keep wishing I could somehow undo what's been done.

Nice dress.

A Cuban In London said...

Congrats on your award!

Greetings from London.

cut2clothe said...

I like the retro design. So flattering and lady like. Blue is my favorite color.

Debra said...

once the dress!! I think blue is your color, it always looks good on you.

fly tie said...

renee--will be seeing you in a couple weeks! :-)

diva--that quote is so so true. i know i do it all the time. thanks for that translation, and now that i think of it, it was your blog where i first saw it.

t. allen-mercado--indeed. something's gotta give. :-(

soul pretty--lmao! i can just picture a mantel on top of a car going down the road. and your brother humming sandford and son...hilarious! i see people around here with all sorts of things tied to the tops of their cars. and even on their bikes! haaaaa!

jewelry rockstar--no sense at all. thanks for the translation. portuguese has long been on my "languages to learn" list.

thanks for the comments all! oh, and by the way, the dress is black, but i know how computers can change colors.

Lite }{ said...

thas a banging dress Sis! just awesomeness as usual...Peace+Butterflies}{