Friday, May 9, 2008

Fly tie on Dawanda

I've been *intending* to do it for the longest, but today I finally started selling on a site other than etsy. You can now find my garments on dawanda.

And I'll also be adding items to one or two other online shops this summer.

I got somewhat frustrated while navigating through the dawanda site trying to get done what needed to get done. Hopefully that's just cause I'm new there and am not too familiar with everything and not cause it actually is frustrating. I went ahead and listed the two piece outfit mentioned in the last post to keep from having too much of the purple striped fabric in my etsy shop. My sewing has slowed down a lot lately, but I'm gonna try to go at it strongly within the next week so I can add new items to etsy as well as dawanda.

Oh, and my dawanda url is For those of you unfamiliar, you'll find that it's a Germany based shop and all currencies are in euros. There's a German Dawanda site, a
French one, and the English one. Let me brush up on (i.e. learn, ha!) my French and German and I'll be writing be descriptions in those languages as well. If there were a Spanish Dawanda site, I'd be all over it, man! But good thing many people outside the US know various languages--including English--so they can understand the descriptions. I'm not pleased with the fact that I only know 2 myself, but that'll change in the near future.

So, yep. That's my quick update for the day. Y'all have a great weekend!


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