Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dresses, Shows, and Sales

So this Friday, April 4, 2008, I'll be participating in a traveling trunk show organized by two other local creative people. One owns the boutique where I sell my garments. The other has a local vintage shop where I've sold items before as well. The latter has an (empty) etsy shop here. I wish you could see some of her nice bags, but she took them all down. She was featured with me in this article.

Anyways, since I have no scanner, I'll type out the info for all the readers local to lafayette who might be interested.

DeTa's Traveling Trunk Show


Frivolous Necessities

A fun filled shopping experience.

Where: Salon NV
200 Jefferson St., Suite B
Lafayette, LA

When: April 4, 2008
5-7 pm

What: A unique opportunity to peruse through quality handcraftedand vintage items thoughtfully selected for this special showing.

For further inquiries, please contact...

Ok, they might not be cool with me putting their info on the internet , so I won't.

One of the organizers wanted me to specifically make a few of my signature "asym" dresses for the show. I've got 4 so far including these 2...

I've known about this event for a month and had the intentions of having more dresses to show. These past few weeks have been so hectic though, so I couldn't produce them the way I wanted to. I'm still gonna try to turn out at least 2 more (hopefully in bright, springy colors) before the show. Last minute (quality) work is my forte. ;-)

So aside from all that, I decided today that I wanted to have a 10% off sale in both of my stores for the duration of the month. It's pretty outside, so why not? :-) I say 10%, but since I like nice round, even numbers, I ended up rounding down on most of them making the percentage off a bit higher.

From the flytie shop you can save on the following:

resilient woman warrior tunic

halima dress

krishna tunic

ethereal goddess tunic

nzinga tunic

ever more skirt

stepping razor hoodie dress

diana top

basquiat II--reflections on a star tunic

kenya dress

From the sewfly shop sale items include:

transitions tunic

after glow rainbow dress

dragonfly tunic

moment in time babydoll top

be hoodie

one hoodie (mean face not included)

formless hoodie

truth hoodie

So there you have it. An impromptu flyer plus individual links to all my sale items just for my blog readers. That's gotta be love. :-D



Karma by Morgan said...

good luck at your show!!! I am having one tomorrow too :) good vibes for the both of us!

I love your dresses!

flytie said...

thank you!

yes, good vibes for the both of us indeed. :-D