Monday, March 10, 2008


Yes indeed. My manfriend's parents have a lemon tree as well as an orange tree in their back yard, which I only just now found out about...5 yrs. into being together!!!! I can't believe he never told me that. I knew about the fig tree, but we're talking citrus here. Citrus is my love.

So anyway, while we were there yesterday his father went out and picked some for me and a guest who'd been visiting them for the weekend. I'm so very thrilled by home grown food. While I've tried to grow various things, nothing really turned out the way it should/could have. :-/ But in all fairness, I didn't really give the plants the time or love they deserved. Well, I'm in my new place now with more "growing space", and I'm definitely gonna be puttin' some seeds in the ground (or rather, in pots) here really soon. It's getting to the point where this is something I have to do. Produce at the stores and even lately at the farmer's market is so pitiful looking and overpriced. So, yep. I'm gonna have to get busy growing my own. There's a kumquat tree out back that I've been enjoying since moving here. mmmm mmmm mmmm.

And for the record, there's only one orange in that picture. (One of those lemons is super huge.) Apparently some dude has been stealing the oranges off the tree, so there were only 2 left. I got one and the guest got the other.

In other news, my Monday night bellydancing classes have ended, so tonight I'm gonna get in my sewing room and do some organizing. The place is a bigger mess than before. Last week was a chaotic one, so I didn't get to tackle it the way I wanted to. Not only did I not tackle it, I contributed further to the drama.

I was checkin' out Etsy's most recent featured seller and was really admiring her studio. I love seeing other people's sewing spaces. Mine has never been all "decked out" the way one might assume. As previously mentioned, this is actually my first time having a separate space. Before this residence all my work was done in my bedroom. In the apartment before that it was in the dining room. Now that I'm here, I really look forward to hookin' things up. We'll see what happens.

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