Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All Wrapped Up

Yesterday I ended up walking downtown to the Mardi Gras festivities with my guy. It was pretty fun. High energy. Lots of children running around. Cloudy skies, but no rain (as had been predicted). Extremely high winds. 78 degrees. It felt great. A lot of people (including myself) were dressed like it was summertime. Funny considering that the high for today is 50 something.

I'm not one to be screaming and jumping for the people in the parades to throw me beads and things, but I ended up with tons.

(Eerie, yet cool lookin' picture...)

That's about 1/3 of the total amount that I have. I just stood in my spot, and when they landed at my feet, I picked them up. My manfriend got into the action and ended up clowning arounfd with some others who were competing for beads. He gave all the ones he had to me. Then there was another guy giving me some he caught (he kept the 'good ones' for himself.) After a while I'd had enough, cause my blood circulation was being jeopardized. The were all wrapped around my arms as you see in the picture rather than on my neck. They'll all be sent to my lil' brother (in north Louisiana) who'll enjoy them thoroughly. Mardi Gras isn't big there at all. They have one parade in a city 30 miles from where we're from and that's it. My mom said the neighbors gave him some and he was all excited. (They're originally from New Orleans and must be in shock from the lack of Mardi Gras celebration where they're currently residing.)

So, once that episode ended, we walked around a bit, and then I headed home. It was fun for what it was worth.
In sewing news I recently uploaded 2 new tops to my sewfly shop.

The cool thing about these is that they used to be long dashikis that I'd made for a friend who later decided on different colors.

I had pictures but guess they were deleted. But just know that they were nearly ankle length at one point. And the second one originally had no dragonfly on it.

Today maybe I'll work on some of these to sell locally, cause I like 'em. :-)

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