Thursday, August 7, 2014


Books are so awesome, and I'm extremely grateful for the ability to read.  

Here lately I've been spreading my attention across several different books.  I don't have them all on hand at this present moment. but they include one on wholistic dental care, one on strengthening the immune system, and one on using various herbs for health and healing.  

We make pretty frequent trips to the local library where we typically hit up the "new books" shelf as well as the "book sale" shelves where for just a small donation, you can bring home--to keep--all sorts of wonderful reads.  

Back on the subject of renting books, one that I got several weeks ago was Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


I've had the book for at least three weeks and recently renewed it it have another three weeks.  The thing is, I'm only on page 79.  I've read Purple Hibiscus and The Thing Around Your Neck by the same author and just breezed through those.  For some reason though, this one isn't--so far--as engaging to me.  And I've been told that this is the one to read.

I'll keep at it.  With over 350 pages to go, hopefully some source of inspiration will come along  and push me to complete my reading prior to its next due date. 


So, I learned yesterday that two hurricanes are headed for Hawaii.  Supposedly they'll downgrade to tropical storms by the time they hit Big Island. Or maybe before they hit O'ahu where we are. Let's hope so.

Having lived near the coast of Southwest Louisiana for many years, I'm used to hurricanes as a weather phenomenon. The difference in facing them living on an island is that there's nowhere to evacuate to. You just have to deal with it.

I'm sure we'll be just fine, but send positive vibes this way nonetheless!


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