Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Challis and Fall Wear

Several styles that I create under the flyTie Clothing  label are ones that I bring back during certain seasons of the year.  One of my favorite designs from a couple of years ago is the asymmetrical challis (rayon) blouse.

Also available in black.

Even living in an environment where it generally always feels like summertime, I still want to offer seasonal pieces on a consistent basis.  Of course, this top can be worn year round.  Additionally, it's exceptionally versatile and can be worn and layered with a range of other items. 

This turquoise version is a personal garment that I always enjoy wearing with some of my other favorite clothing items.  In this case it's layered with a tube top leopard print dress that I made for myself this past spring.

When I'm not in the mood for the up top exposure that comes with halter or tube top garments, I enjoy wearing another loose fitting garment over them for some coverage.  

The brown and black versions are available in the Etsy shop. I may be adding a couple more colors for custom order in the near future.  It's all about finding the right color and fabric for the style.


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