Sunday, July 20, 2014


Happy Sunday!

Yesterday I uploaded a new video to YouTube that highlights my latest design, which I'm calling the beginning of the Fall 2014 collection.  Check it out!


I have some really nice scrap pieces that I've been meditating on how to use.  These were left over from a project I completed from someone last fall.

 The gold is a really nice touch to the fabric, and of course I'm loving the various African symbols.  

The two pieces that I have are triangular shaped, but I'm thinking about cutting them into vertical pieces along the design and doing some sort of patchwork design.  I'm gonna think about it some more...


This morning I woke up to one of my dress designs being featured in a treasury on Etsy

The dress being featured is part of the current SALE that's going on right now.

Save an additional 10% with code LOVE 8 and also get free shipping to anywhere in the US!

This dress is also part of the lot of flyTie Clothing sale items currently listed on Ebay. So, you can get it either way.  The Ebay listing ends tomorrow, and if there are no bids all of the items will remain part of the current Etsy lineup.

I know I mentioned previously that we've got several things growing on the lanai (balcony) over here, but did I mention that the collection included 18 tomato plants???

It's pretty amazing.  We purchased one about a month ago (not pictured, but it's getting really big), and the other 17 came from 2 or 3 cherry tomatoes that we dissected and took the seeds from.  Who knew that every single one planted would sprout!?

I'm looking forward to not having to buy tomatoes for a long time. :)


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