Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kaena Point, Hawaii and MLK Day

So, although the waves took my camera out last Monday during explorations on a local beach,  I managed to retrieve the memory card that held several pictures taken on that day.  Here are a few.

Beautiful Purple Drupe shell.

Cowrie!  (I've got another one pretty similar to this.)

Shells & things. 

Shells, coral, and sea glass.

Me (sorta) in Ocean. :)

Now, this wave was tame compared to the one that soaked me and camera as I was *leaving* the beach.  It just had to get us!

It was a beautiful and fun day.


Yesterday I whipped up a quick top from that turmeric dyed muslin.  I'd hoped to share pictures today, but due to my desire to take pics of it outside and the rain that's preventing me from doing so, it'll have to wait.  Not long, though. :)

Happy Sunday!


MyCoCreations said...

Ahhhh OOOhhh I am feeling the warmth of that sun! I so need some of that sea love, I see so many beautiful creations lol. Thanks for sharing, sorry about your camera :( and I can't wait to see that top! You've inspired me to finally get to so me natural dyeing.

fly Tie said...

yes, do it! i know you would make so many wonderful things. :-D