Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Earlier today I watched a film about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat  (which I thought I'd already seen but apparently had not), and I was so moved by this particular clip:

I'm still working on adjusting to not having the space that I used to now that I'm in a new living situation. There's something about the wide open space in this clip and his freedom to create however he wanted--freely, uninhibited-- that reminds me of my vision of myself when I work. To me, being able to make art happen in this way may just be the most beautiful and crucial aspect of creation.  

More than or in addition to a clothing designer in the sense of whatever it is people usually take that to mean, I mostly envision myself as an artist, as I suppose many garment designers do.  It's really a process of adding, taking away, meditating, going to something else, then coming back to whatever it was I was working on in the first place. That's typically my process, so I really relate to this portrayal of how he painted.

Basquiat undoubtedly had a lot to contend with in his personal life.  However, every since I learned of  him several years ago, I've been inspired by his vision for his work and his willingness to approach it in his unique artistic way.


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Tiffany Gholar said...

That's one of my favorite parts of the movie. Glad to see it's been posted online. Love your clothes! I hope to buy something from you one day. :)

fly Tie said...

missed your comment up until tonight, but thank you! and yes, that part of the film is so meaningful to me. :)