Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Third Eye

I haven't intentionally been neglecting my blog. It's just that there's been so much to say that it's been a challenge for me to even come here and type! There's plenty that I could talk about concerning my trip to Atlanta and some of the experiences I've had since last updating, but one experience in particular has been weighing on my spirit. I was so taken aback with the passing of a certain musical and humanitarian legend, though, that I set it aside. While sewing yesterday it all came back to me.

My thing is this: don't take me for stupid, naive, inexperienced, incapable, and/or deficient of culture and artistic insight based on where I come from and your preconceived notions about individuals from that part of the world. Secondly, don't hold animosity towards me because you aspire to be at a certain point, originally came from an area known for getting people to that point (NY), yet can't comprehend how someone from what you believe to be backwards, country a** (although I proudly proclaim my country-ness) Louisiana can do what I'm doing (And really, I'd replace that with what I'm trying to do, if I weren't on a mission to speak my desired reality into existence. I still have a ways to go myself, yet, "There is no try. Only do.") I don't operate from a place of competition and hold others' potential, talents, and gifts just as highly as I do my own regardless of where they come from.

(The "you" used above is specific, not general.)

Now, usually I wouldn't make these kinds of inferences, but I've come across this more than once, and it's so old. I'm neutral, fair, keep a lot of my thoughts on these sorts of situations to myself, and do my best not to make assumptions. However, I've always been pretty perceptive and have had the ability to see right through people--for the good and bad-- since I was a child. Normally I wouldn't even take it there, but this needs to be addressed.

With that said, a couple of Wednesdays ago, I encountered a male with whom I met to discuss the potential of my garments being carried in a nice little boutique in downtown Atlanta. We always hear the phrase "follow your first mind", and that's exactly what I should have done when I walked in the place and was looked up and down by said individual whose face read "Whatever," (with an eye roll for added attitude), who then went back to sweeping or whatever without as much as a hello. (The first mind said, "Turn around and leave." I didn't, though.) It was downhill from then on. From the feigned interest, to the fake smiles, to snide remarks, to the underhanded attempts to attack my work and how I approach what I do, to the looks of total disinterest and disgust, to the killer finale of turning it into a session about his work and all that he's done on the fashion scene outside of the boutique, current studies in fashion, etc. Complete with photos of some of his styling work. And here I was thinking this was about me and what I do. Now, I'm very aware that people can be shady, yet I find these sorts of actions to be so far out and unnecessary. If you're not interested, tell me that, and let me be on my way. Don't try to play me.

I won't call out the store and the specific individual out of respect for the lovely co-partner of the boutique who was very genuine and cordial when we spoke various times via email. She was the one I was supposed to meet with but was unavailable when I was there, so her partner conducted the meeting. Her enthusiasm after seeing numerous photos of my work and excitement about potentially carrying my garments in the store was and is very much appreciated.

I'm not really bitter about it, because it's all a process and a learning experience. ..just putting it out there.

To go into further detail would just drain my energy, so I'll just sum it all up by directing this quote--from one of my favorite films, I ♥ Huckabees--to this particular individual:

"You can't deal with my infinite nature, can you?"



Now. With that out of the way...music was can all groooove to!



T.Allen-Mercado said...

You look stunning against the LIVE! green; love it! That first dress is all me, very nice.

As for the encounter *sighs* if I allow myself to delve into the madness that is art as business, I fear I'll drown in it. Joe and I have had our share of run-ins like the one of which you speak. You'd think in such a subjective field where no one way is *the* way, we'd all be more receptive of the energy they give off. We've seen folks "catch the vapors" on something/someone they slept on time and time again. (I've been listening to old school hip hop)

I really enjoyed I [heart] Huckabees, I need to see it again.

Glad to have you back...

Anonymous said...

Alright that's it, your my friend from a distance. I swear we connect on quite a few wave lengths.

* The photos taken outside really send your mind on a journey when considering the garment and how and where it would be worn.

* These long dresses are so sexy to me. I love them. not revealing but still remain feminine.

* The post, the quote, the song. "...come on tell meeee....."
It reminds me of another song I use to jam to along with Groove Theory, Mariah Carey & ODB.

Anonymous said...

btw, I'm putting I * Huck on my block buster list. Thanks for the heads up.

in return: if you haven't seen Australia, I highly recommend it. I missed you will you were away.

Newness of Life said...

Wow... I just love these photos of your work outside in nature. Love them! That first dress is mine! lol.

With regards to the situation that went down in ATL, wow again. That is just unprofessional for a business person to act that way. I agree that he should have just said he wasn't interested.

narcissaqtpie said...

I *will* fight yall for that burgundy dress. (yea, its the country in me, screw dude)

& I added that movie to my netflix list, looks enjoyable, thanks for the link.


I luv when people hate...just makes me stronger.

...and it just shows how little confidence they have in what they do...if the only way you can feel good about what your doing is to put down what someone else is doing, then you shouldn't be doing what your doing...Keep doin' what your doin'.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fly Tie :),

my dear God,first of all I have to say that I find the dresses you posted in here so nice.The burgundy one is so unique.I would definitely wear all of them.
Thank you also for posting the link for the movie I love Hukabees and the video from Groove Theory.I enjoyed both very much,but as so many times before I have to admit that I did not know none of them.There is a movie with a Naomi Watts saying such a fantastic phrase,and I did not know about it?She is one of my favorite actresses.Hey,sweet girl from Louisiana,you are teaching me some good stuff ;)!
By a "certain musical and humanitarian legend" I think you mean Michael Jackosn.I so understand that it touched you.It made me sad,too.He indeed was a special person.
And now,onto Atlanta!I was shocked at the idea that someone treated you in that way.I am confident that you will not allow such stupid remarks to influence who you are and your beautiful work.People who are not capable of constructive opinions just want to feed their poor ego by making other ones sad and sometimes even miserable.As I like to say to such ignorants,go and drown yourself ;/!I so wish you all the best in your business,because you deserve it.
You will be fine girl,your infinite nature is the strongest one ;)!
Kiss,kiss my dear and have a nice time!

Anonymous said...

Hi :),
it's me again!I just wanted to let you know that you're adorable and very special =).For details,please chek my BLOG.

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

I've been in that kind of situation too. The other person feels threatened in some way. So I think your quote sums it up perfectly.

I love that first dress!

A Cuban In London said...

My jaw just fell on the floor when I saw that first dress, the burgundy one. It's absolutely beautiful. I hope you can sell it, because it is truly one of the most creative pieces I've seen for a long time.

Greetings from London.