Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've had this green, polka dot fabric for so long and finally put it to use.


More views here.

Revelation that came through doing:

I can't expend so much of my energy/effort towards the aim of upholding an unmotivated individual. It leaves me depleted and feeling hopeless. Not healthy at all.

And that's that.


Groovin' to Teena Marie while ripping and running all over town today trying to take care of business before moving up out of here. (More on that later.)

Every time I hear it I think of my mom. I just have an image in my head of her dancing around to this at one point during my childhood. I can't recall the specifics exactly, but I'm sure it happened. She was/is quick to cut a rug at any party, family get together, or just around the house. Now I'm realizing where I get it from.



Jennifer Juniper said...

That top is C.U.T.E.! Followed you here from Etsy forums...:)

A Cuban In London said...

Thanks for the top, for the music, the MUSIC, yeah, and the vibe. Have a nice weekend.

Greetings from London.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Teena Marie is definitely who you want playing when it's time to make moves (even if it's just your hips movin').

Green, my favorite color...nice.

A feeling of renewal and rebirth is coming through in your words, you're in my thoughts for peaceful new beginnings.

Ms. Bar B: said...

That is a beautiful color. The fabric looks like it feels really good on the skin!

beegee said...

You just made my day! That is my tune!

fly tie said...

thanks all!

@ t.allem-mercado--so true what you say. thank you. :-)

High Desert Design Council said...

Lovin' the polka dots!