Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hot off the sewing machine.

You may notice how the color scheme in this one resembles that of the previous skirt. I think turquoise and red work well together, but this pairing of the two in this latest garment was more circumstantial than intentional. I knew I wanted to make another simple dress with a contrasting underskirt but wasn't sure what the contrast color should be. Standing in the door of my sewing room contemplating (inspiration often comes to me while I'm standing/sitting idle in there just looking around) , this red, eyelet material jumped out at me. So that's what I went with. Seems I've been attracted to red a lot lately. It's a color of passion, and I've been feeling quite passionate lately. Even beyond my normal state of intensity.

The black belt was an afterthought. I just grabbed a piece of black fabric and tied it around my waist for the photo. I think I'll hem it and include it with the dress, though.


Tea and Honey Bread's Shutter Click & Chat Sunday.

Theme: Friendship
Task: Show your friends

From the start it seemed quite illogical. Even more so now. Two girls, total opposites in every aspect where tastes are concerned, the best of friends for over 10 yrs.

I don't have a single picture of us together (or a recent photo of her, for that matter. this one is 8 yrs. old), but this here is my homegirl Kim. Somewhere between always ending up being 2 of the 4 same old black people in honors classes in jr. high/ high school and a shared affinity for humor, kindness, and justice, the two of us just clicked. Over the years we've been through it all together. Travel, tears (and those tears mostly came from laughing too hard), excitement, memorable moments in New Orleans during our numerous trips to Bayou Classic, boyfriend drama, family drama, unplanned pregnancy during sophomore year of college and not knowing what to do drama (her)***, etc. There've just been so many good times shared and just times in general.

Our closeness despite dissimilarities has puzzled people for years. They look at me and look at her and wonder what it is that brings us together.

Me with my untamed hair sportin' (though it wasn't always that way), thrift store clothes wearing, uneven and unploished nails having, minimal number of shoes owning, no meat/dairy eating (this wasn't always the case either), dread locked/long hair man attracted to, mostly non mainstream music listening to, 11 yr. old coupe driving, second hand store shopping self.

Her with her, long flowy hair wearing, name brand clothes buying, manicured hands having, dozens of pairs of shoes owning, meat/dairy eating, clean cut with a hint of thugishness man loving, mostly mainstream music playing, up to date SUV driving, top name department store shopping self.

Despite all the friends I've made in people whose interests and viewpoints are more in line with my own, what she and I have will always be solid. Folks don't understand, but it just works. We allow each other to be. :-)

***To expound upon the above starred statement, despite feeling that her life was over upon finding out she was pregnant, Kim eventually pulled herself together, continued with her college studies, had the baby, graduated on time with a 3.8 GPA and a bachelor's degree in nursing. She's now a registered nurse and has several hours of graduate nursing classes in her arsenal of accomplishments. Oh, all that right along with the most handsome 6 yr. old little boy! :-D

have a beautiful week.



T.Allen-Mercado said...

You'd be pleased to know I made 2 jewelry pillows on the evil machine today! I thought of you and wondered how anyone could find happiness, fulfillment even- with a sewing machine! YOu are more talented than anyone who has never sewn can imagine! :)

Interesting friendship-I'm somewhere between the two, I do my share of thrifting, but I have my pricey staples I can not part with. I find the different perspectives keep us whole, it's a pleasant challenge.Thanks for participating.

Ms. Bar B: said...

That is just beautiful! The dress and, the way you two opposites (you and your friend) attract, and her story. Sounds a lot like mine... only I would be the thrift clothes wearing, yada yada yada, beautiful 5 year old having self, lol.

Isn't it so wonderful how life brings certain people together and how these people both compliment each other?

*Side Note: I wish I could just put you in my pocket and pull you out whenever I need to get dressed, lol.

kim* said...

lovely story!

also love love the dress, how do you pop those clothes out so quickly?

please sir said...

Ohh the dress is so pretty...the colors are great!

Gallery Juana said...

Love the combination of colors in this dress. Sweet story about you and your friend.

High Desert Diva said...

Opposites color combo and friendships

Juli said...

The dress is very fine ! It made me smile right away, it has a flow and celebration about it :)

You and Kim are so very lucky to have one another ! And your little spirit nephew :) I think opposites are simply balances.

I lost my best friend several years ago, it was much harder then I could ever have words for. Hug Kim for me too next time you see her and hug yourself for me too :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous designs!
Sandra Evertson

fly tie said...

tameka--that indeed does *please* me! i'm always thrilled to know others are teaching themselves to sew.

funny thing is, if i had the available funds, i'd likely be sort of an in between person too. i sometimes envision, nice, new, non-thrifted items, ha ha! thanks for the kind words.

ms. bar b.--it is quite amazing how life works out. and i'd love to be your personal stylist. there wouldn't be a whole lot of work required on my part. ;-)

diva--indeed they do.

juli--a always appreciate your comments. thanks so much for gracing my blog with your presence. :-0

thanks everyone!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

OMG! You look so different with straight hair. That's why I like to straighten mine out sometimes to mix it up.

It's great to have friends who just let you be. I haven't been over here in a minute and I miss it. Thanksgiving and such messed up my schedule, LOL

Katie said...

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