Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation..."

I was determined to participate in Tea and Honey Bread's Shutter Click and Chat Sunday today, but had the hardest time finding an appropriate picture.

Theme: Laughter
Task: Post a photo of yourself laughing

Although I am quite easily amused and am prone to laugh at any given moment, there wasn't one photo in my collection depicting me in the act. Then I came across the one you see here. Two of
my spoken work artist friends held a series of poetry events last spring to prepare for a trip to a
national competition. On this particular night, teams had come from New Orleans, Houston, and Shreveport to battle it out on the mic. As we normally do when in each other's presence, my guy and I were being our naturally goofy selves exchanging humor that only we'd get. Who knows what we were talking about here, but my friend caught us in the act and emailed the picture to me. Now, I feel like I'm cheating since this looks more like a broad smile than a laugh, but I'm quite sure I had cracked up either before or right after this was taken (or both). However, since I don't have a good laughing shot of myself, I'll delve even further into cheat-dom and post a pic of someone else laughing. Pictured below is my now deceased cousin who I spoke about in a previous Shutter Click and Chat post. Here we are (well, I cropped myself out of the picture) in Detroit, MI, August 2004 a year before she passed. The big tiger looking thing she's sitting on in fact is a tiger. A Detroit Tiger . Why we were doing touristy type things in Detroit, I'm not too sure. It's like a second home. My cousin lived there twice in her lifetime, I lived there once, and we were constantly going there to visit family. If I remember correctly, though, there was someone on this trip with us who wanted to go to the baseball and football stadiums, so there we are. My cousin was laughing at my mom (behind the camera) who'd almost fallen while trying to get the shot and responded with the most off the wall expression.We had such a good time on that trip! I can recall the both of us singing Jill Scott's"A Long Walk" (post title reference) several times during the drive, getting on everyone's nerves, lol! Seems like we sang the whole way up there. She was the only one out of my family and friends who loved Jill's music as much as I did (do) when the singer's first album came out in 2000. When I see/hear Jill I think of my cousin and it's a beautiful thing. Nothing sad. Only joy, every time. :-D


Finished a new dress this morning:

The material was left over from a custom dress I did for someone. (Based on this one.)

Be aware that this lil mini number is an x-small, and I squeezed my medium-ish self into it for the sake of getting a shot to send to the person it's for. I'm not fond of photographing garments on hangers or lying flat, and since there are no models of all sizes over here just waiting to be utilized, I just make it work. Luckily no seam was popped in the process, and thankfully the first dress above turned out to be a large (perhaps x-large) as I intended for it to. :-)

Wishing everyone a blissful week.



High Desert Diva said...

I realize I need to let myself be photographed more. One shouldn't have to search so hard to find such a happy picture, eh?

Nice to have such wonderful memories of your cousin.

And the dress is lovely!

Ms. Bar B: said...

Its laughter one of the most wonderful things EVER!! If you know nothing else, when you see photos of people laughing or smiling, you will know that they were living out some serious happiness in that moment.

Love the dresses as always. The mini is cute and the wrap is amazing. It looks so comfy... I love wrap dresses.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I laughed along with the two of you as if I was there. I really enjoyed this subject-laughter is contagious.

Sweet memories of your cousin, too.

Jill Scott is one of my favorite artists and A Long Walk, next to Golden, and of course Lyzel in E Flat is one of my favoritie songs.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love the photos. And I love Jill Scott. Of course I love your dresses. Damn, I love everything over here - let me just say it, I love you too!

please sir said...

Laughing is good! LOVE the new dress!

Stylish Handmade said...

I love the dress! Its beautiful & a little sexy...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yawl look great, and me love his beer and your smile

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Sweet laughter, it keep you young. I'm glad you remember the good and funny parts of your cousin. I like the blue dresses.

PamperingBeki said...

That dress is FAB!!!

I'm not one who likes to be photographed either. Which is funny because I used to model professionally but these days I'm way too self conscious.

Juli said...

You have such a beautiful smile. A simple reflection of a beautiful soul.

And your cousin ! I'll be smiling all day thinking about her wonderful smile, I can almost hear her laughing even now :)

The dress is lovely and the mini would make an excellent tunic as well.

Eb the Celeb said...

hawt dress!

I really love that color!

kim* said...

you make ne see how much i need to work out you are sooo tiny

A Cuban In London said...

Loved the first photo of you laughing, so much mirth!

Loved the second dress. It looks great.

Loved the Jill Scott's reference. 'A Long Walk' is one of my top Jill's favourites.

Greetings from London.

Debra said...

I love your photos!! And girl that blue dress rocks....if only I had the legs for a blue dress mini.

Lite }{ said...

I'm loving that blue, hun! It's so electric! That wrap dress would be awesome, especially during this time of year, (hint-hint) lol }[

fly tie said...

thanks everyone!

diva--i know, right? in all mine i'm either half smiling or looking all hard and serious.

ms. bar b--yep! laughter is the absolute best. and thank you. :-D

tamke---that lyzel e. flat is a classic in my opinion. hell, the whole cd is! jill's such a passionate poet, and i love it.

renee--so sweet! thanks.

torrance--you would love the beer... thanks. :-)

jewelry rockstar--and perhaps that must be why i'm often mistaken for being much younger than i am. i'm forever somewhere laughing!

pamperingbeki--look at you, miss glamor woman! i bet you'd still "knock 'em dead" even to this day.

juli--thank you so much. yeah, i can always hear her voice and laughter. that's one aspect of her that'll always be with me.

kim--and i sometimes resent that, lol!

lite--you know i'll have to hook you up!

i appreciate all the lovely compliments. :-D

tatsuko said...

Nice pictures of laugter - the best photos are not all posed and perfect!

Great dress too, the longer one is loveleeee!

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