Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogging, Still...

(O.k. I did have this post scheduled to appear around 8 something but decided to just go ahead and put it up here now)

Well, by the time most of y'all get around to reading this I'll probably be sitting in traffic somewhere on my way to Dallas with my guy, his parents, his brother, his brother's girlfriend, and their daughter. We were gonna stay here and just deal with Gustav, but when we learned we wouldn't have to contribute financially to the trip, we were all over it. I'm all about an unexpected vacation. So for the next however many days I'll be in Dallas pretty much just kickin' it. Doing whatever it is you do when you've made an impromptu trip to avoid a hurricane.

And let's just hope I've got something to come back to. At least my sewing machine and all my labored over, handmade garments. Oh, and of course my computer. I think things will be cool here, though.

Today I'm participating in a meme specially created by T. Allen-Mercado, owner and ingenious writer over at Tea and Honey Bread. Because she wanted to, and more importantly, because she can, this admittedly bossy blogger came up with the idea of Shutter Click & Chat Sundays,

which goes as follows (for all y'all who aren't up to clicking the link to read the rules):

one pic, as few or as many words as you wish, and a link for me to check it out.

And because she's the boss and gets to choose the subject matter, this weeks topic is : Your favorite pair of shoes.

Now for my part:

My comfy lil slip on flats. $3.49, new at goodwill :-D When I first laid eyes on 'em, they had to be mine. Aside from being adorable, it's a rarity to find size 10s at these thrift stores around here.

And just cause they're black and white striped doesn't mean I'm bashful about pairing them with just about anything. I've been sporting more color these days (which must be inspired by my run in with colorful garments around the time of my trip to Atlanta), and I absolutely love working these shoes into a lot (most of) my colorful ensembles. They make me so happy.

Speaking of T. Allen-Mercado and things that makes me happy, I recently ordered a ring that I've been coveting for a very long time from her shop

The Garden Queen Ring:

Also, check the pretty lil green one she sent as a gift along with it. Now the shoes make me happy, but these make me very, very happy. :-)

"They" say bees are hard to see these days...(and I've gotta admit that I haven't seen one in what seems like forever. I saw a grasshopper last week and got all excited. That's another insect that it seems like I haven't seen in years. What's up with the bugs, man??)

Well, now I've got me one to wear around and remember what it was to avoid 'em like the plague to keep from being stung, lol! Oh, but they're so necessary. So very much so.

In other excitement, I was given a blog award by Jewelry Rockstar. It's my first ever, and today I'd intended to handle the business that's associated with such an award. However, given the fact that I'm doing some last minute butt hauling, I'll handle that business next week. Thanks again Rockstar. I'm flattered. :-)

Alright people. That's it for today. Hopefully my computer will still be functional upon my return in a few days so I can reach out to y'all later this week. (Oh, but I will have computer access while out there, so just know that if you catch me on anyone's blog between now and Wednesday, I'm evacuated and am not commenting from inside the madness ;-)



High Desert Diva said...

Hope Gustav doesn't find you on your impromptu vacation!

Fun that you're playing Tameka's meme. Size 10's are hard to find anywhere!

Great ring, too

Mekhismom said...

Love the rings and the shoes are cute too. Gotta go check out Tameka's etsy store. Enjoy Dallas, I am glad that you are safe.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Be safe hon! Thanks for playing along. You thnk 10s are hard to find-try 9.5 ugh.

smittenkittenorig said...

First, I love the ring & think it looks fab! Second, I'm so glad you've gotten out of there and are headed to safety. I'll be sure to keep a good thought for you & yours through Gustav. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! found you through Tameka. Like the shoes, and sympathies from a size 11!

Hope you find everything JUST AS YOU LEFT IT when you return home!

fly tie said...

thanks y'all! so after backed up traffic, a 2 yr. old who threw a fit in her car seat from time to tine, and what seemed like the whole state of louisiana evacuating, we made it here to dallas. louisiana residents are in texas *deep* too.

high desert've got a point,cause supposedly there's going to be some pretty bad weather that comes this way. hopefully it won't be anything like what's being predicted for LA, though.

so y'all feel me on the whole shoe thing. i swear. i always do a happy dance when i come across shoes in my size, lol!

so some of us are staying at my guy's brother's and his wife's place. i'll be sleeping in the guest room/office which means a computer is right in my mix, so ya know i'm in my element, ha ha!

Julie said...

Take care, Tiesha! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Gustav dies down and disappears before hitting land.

Danz said...

Your rings are sooo cute, especially the bee one!

Thanks a lot for your comment and have a great time on your trip!

please sir said...

Have a great time in Dallas - stay safe!

Cara Mia said...

Love the shoes you found! Have fun on your holiday, glad that you decided to get away.

Savvy Mode SG said...

hope all is well with your home.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I am glad to see that Gustav thing worked out fine.

Muze said...

we wear the same shoe size... so i TOTALLY understand. lol.

your dresses are all fabulous. i've been meaning to purchase one for the longest.

love your blog. adding to my blog roll riiiight about now. lol.

pray everything is fine with your home.

kim* said...

i love your ring its so sweet like honey :P