Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ah Ha!!!!!!

Dontcha just love it when when you figure something out that's been buggin' you for the longest? Or when you finally have physical proof of something that you were sure of but couldn't quite substantiate? Twice today this happened to me.

For the past week and a half while in my bedroom or sewing room I'd been hearing constant wimpering coming from what sounded like a small animal. Everyday I'd hear this and couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from or what was making the noise. Eventually I concluded that there must be kittens or puppies somewhere around. There are a few stray cats that walk around here, but none ever looked with child (or with kitten) to me. Yet, I just concluded that that's what it had to be.

Well, today as I was in my room doing a photo shoot, I just happened to glance out the window, and whatdoyaknow??

There they were making their way from on the side of my house for what must have been their first venture out into the world.

And here's mama cat making her way back across the street after ushering the lil ones back to their shelter.

Now, I see this cat everyday and not once did she appear to be pregnant to me. She was about to let me have it, though, when I let up the window trying to get a shot of the kittens. I got a growl and a look like, "Aye, don't be messing with my babies." So I backed off and took the pic. through the window. Yeah, I got punked by a cat.

My other "Ah ha!" moment involved my printer. For the past week, one of the lights on the thing has been blinking non stop, driving me crazy, and I couldn't get it to print for anything. The blinking light is the indicator that it's out of paper or that there's a paper jam. Well, I keep paper in it, and I'd cleared the only paper jam a week before. Or so I thought. After lallygagging around on hp.com, I figured I'd check it once more for a jam. I mean, I just knew there wasn't one, cause I'd flipped the thing over and inspected it every which way I could. There was no stuck paper. But, after being on the site, I figured I'd inspect it one more time.

Well. Guess what I found stuck waaaaaaaaay back off in there?

Yep. That big ol' piece of paper was the cause of it all. It took a bright light, a butter knife, and me nearly breaking the printer and getting ink all over myself, but I was finally able to get my printer back in functioning order.

So this have been a day of revelation for me. To accompany the gray kittens and the gray printer, I've got a new grayish-greenish (chiffon) circle skirt to show you.

A little risqué. :-) I was gonna line it but then decided to let transparent fabric be transparent fabric. It works great with boy shorts. Also, the waistband stretches out to 48 inches, so it's best for larger sizes. I know some of the more curvaceous ladies can work it out and, with this skirt, show us how those shorts are really supposed to be worn, ha ha! :-) This piece reminds me somewhat of one of my most favorite designs in the whole world. Now those pants--both pieces actually--are off the hook.

This'll be added to my shop later, once I can figure out a name for it.



Breath of Light said...

that skirt is cute. I LOVE those pants as well!

Sew Bettie said...

Just wanted to say your Etsy shop is gorgeous!