Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tropical Tunic Collection

Admittedly, it hasn't been easy--or maybe the better word is convenient-- to pursue design/sewing activities in the last year given all that comes with having a baby as well as living in a space that doesn't necessarily lend itself to doing much of anything other than relaxing, playing, and preparing/eating good food. 
Last month though, I was inspired by some of the beautiful views that we witness on a day-to-day basis living right on the ocean on the west side of this island.
An excerpt from the garment listing gives a description:
Each day the ocean outside my door boasts a range of emotions and shades of blue. The western sky, too, is varied in hue each evening as the sun goes down. Blowing down from the mountains on one
side and in from the ocean on the other, the wind fills my space with feelings of peace, cool vibrations, and uplifting energies. It is all of these elements inherent to the natural landscape of
Hawai'i that inspire this tropical tunic collection.




This style of tunic goes way back in my design career.  I was first inspired to make these several years ago after seeing the attire of a group of Indian women having lunch at a restaurant.  The flowing fabrics of their tunics and saris as well as the cut of Indian-style garments in general have always appealed to me, and eventually those characteristics made it into my own design techniques.
The Tropical Tunics are available for custom order in sizes small-xlarge.  They come in three lengths and a few different colors.  The coral material  is currently out of stock, but yellow, aqua, and white are all available.
More information and ordering details can be found on Etsy via this link:
I've got something even more special coming up.  It's certainly new to the collection and definitely brings a new energy.
Photos soon!...

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