Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Blog!

For months now I'd been considering creating a blog where I discuss my experiences with mothering just so that I can assist and share with others who may be new parents.  Of course, seeing as how this is my first child, I can only share what I'm learning as the process progresses.
My way of doing things is sorta of rustic and definitely as natural as possible.  When I search for information online it's always nice to find a blog post or article written by someone who's also coming from that perspective. I mean, it'd not a necessity, but it is nice.
The title of the blog is Natural Baby Care and More.  I came up with the name based on the fact that my partner calls me Amma (as well as most people who know me in Hawaii), which means "born on Saturday" among the Akan people of Ghana.  Also, one of baby's middle names is "Ma'ama'ama" which is a Hawaiian word meaning to care for, nurture, tend to, etc.  So, MamaAmma--although unintentionally--is also sort of a play on that name.
Anywho, you can check it out at:
In the first post I talk about my experience being pregnant. Later today I'll be updating with some info on the noni fruit and juice, which I drank plenty of while pregnant. 
I'll be updating there more regularly since, at this time, tending to her is more relevant.  If you feel inspired to do so, enter your email address on the right side of the blog in order to receive email updates. 
Hope you join me!
Have a great week.
P.s...I'll still update here as well to share whatever may be going on in the design department.

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